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BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online
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Active Audience 73%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Simple to use. This website has a modern design. You won’t have to spend hours to find out how to communicate with other BBPeoplemembers.
  • A great customer support service. If you have problems with this platform, you can tryto solve them yourself first or address the support department.
  • A lot of free features. You don’t need to purchase a premium subscription to sign up. Most of the functions are available for free.
  • Members can feel safe. The founders of this dating website do their best to protect the community from scammers and inappropriate behavior.
  • Chat on the go. If using a smartphone is more beneficial for you, you can switch to a mobile version of BBPeopleMeet.com.
  • Available not only for Americans. For the first time, only US participants exploited the service. However, people quickly found out that BBPeople would be a wonderful solution to solve their big and beautiful dating desires.
  • Premium membership. Not all features of BBPeopleMeet.com are available for free.
  • Your point of interest can be far away from you. There are people from different countries on BB People Meet.
  • Your photos need to go through the verification process. If you want others to get interested in your account, you ought to add your pictures.
  • Some erotic materials can appear. This website is a platform for people with various goals. You can meet here not only those who look for a long-term relationship.
  • Some profiles are fake. It’s better to avoid a conversation with a person who doesn’t have any description or hasphotos ofpoor quality.

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BBPeopleMeet.comis one of the big women dating sites. For the first few years, there were people from the USA only, but it started gaining its popularity abroad pretty fast. Today, you can meet here lots of Canadians. The main reason why the site becomes well-known is the fact that it unites people who have many things in common concerning their appearance. Nowadays, BBPeople can boast almost 1-million community. Newcomers appear daily. According to the statistics, about 100 thousand members are active each week.

The dating platform has a beautiful interface and is suitable for different purposes. Most of the features are available for free users. Do you need to sign up or purchase a premium pack? To find out the answer, read honest BBPeopleMeet reviews.

What’s the Audience?

BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

The main goal of the BBPeople developers is to create an online platform for curvy people. Thousands of big beautiful people can be found here. As the recent statistics show, the BBPeople community amounts to almost 1 million users. Moreover, more than one hundred thousand members interact via this dating service regularly. You will always find someone to talk with.

What’s the Main Peculiarities?

This big beautiful women dating site greatly stands out against its rivals because of the main peculiarity — people are looking for curvy shapes here. However, if you are slim but still want to date a chunky person, you can sign up without any limitations. But while searching, it’s impossible to select the weight of your potential partner.

About other specific aspects, BBW Meetis available for all religions. Nevertheless, if you have any preferences on this matter, you can select a particular confession while searching. This filter is available for members with a premium version of BB People.

Members’ Location

The developers of Big Beautiful People Meet are from the USA. Most of the members live in this country. However, the number of citizens from other nations increases regularly. These days, BBW Meet hosts lots of Canadians as well. There is a chance that foreigners will also become frequent visitors soon. Such a great diversity makes it faster to meet a partner in your region.

Members’ Ethnicity

As mentioned above, the majority of users come from the USA and Canada, looking for big women dating. Their ethnicity is different – all of them from unique cultural backgrounds. If you are not from the USA, you should mention your ethnic identity. If you are eager to date a person from your culture, you ought to select this parameter while searching. Nevertheless, this function is available for a premium membership.

How Old Are Members?

BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

Although it’s possible to send some erotic materials to find a one-night stand, the BBPeople participants are eager to start a serious relationship and meet a partner for marriage. There aren’t many people under 25 here. The significant part of the audience is from 45 to 54 years old. However, if you are a senior over 55, you can also meet your soulmate on this website.

Nevertheless, there is an age limitation on the Big People Meet site. It’s impossible to sign up if you haven’t reached the age of majority. The main reason for this restriction is the presence of intimate pictures and videos. Members can send such messages to all users. So, this ruleprevents children and teenagers from watching inappropriate content.

What About the Gender?

The audience younger than 45 years old is mostly male accounts. So, if you’re a young man looking for a couple on BBPeople, you ought to put more effort into attracting your point of interest. However, mature women want to find their beloved partners via this big beautiful dating site. The number of female accounts is over 45 times more than those of males.

Any Sexual Preferences?

Most members of BBPeople are heterosexuals. However, if you want to date your gender, this website is still a great option for you. You can choose your sexual orientation during the registration. Furthermore, you can select the gender you prefer whileadjusting the search filters. It is available for free members.

Users are eager to find someone for a long-term relationship. The majority is monogamous. Nevertheless, if you want to arrange a BBW date with several people, you ought to mention this fact in your description. It will let you avoid unexpected problems.

How to Start Using BBPeople

Thousands of people long for meetingtheir better halves. It’s difficult to find such a person using a typical dating website. However, these days,one can discover a brilliant solution on the Internet. If your main goal is to find a big and good-looking couple for a long-term relationship or a partner to spend several pleasant nights with, you should sign up on bbpeoplemeet.com. This platform features a stylish interface. The registration process takes no more than several minutes. The first thing you ought to do is to visit the website and click the «Search Now» button in the central part of the main page. After that, you ought to provide general information to the system.

What Information to Provide

To create your profile on this big beautiful dating site, you don’t have to add anything private about yourself. You are required to specify:

  • Your gender;
  • The gender you are looking for;
  • Your country (the USA or Canada);
  • Zipcode;
  • Your date of birth;
  • Username.

You also need to fill out the form and create a password. If you want to feel safe, we recommend not to use simple combinations. Otherwise, hackers will easily steal your data. One more thing to add is your email address. You should provide it to confirm the information. After you’re done, you will receive a letter with a link—once clicked, you’re in the game!

How to Verify YourPage?

BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

When you have confirmed your email address, you cannot start searching for other members immediately. Before getting access to this feature, you ought to upload your pictures. However, they won’t appear on your page as soon as you post them. They must go through the verification process as well. Before uploading, you should prove that these photos are yours. For that, you are to provide your documents. Only when the admin checks these materials, other members will be able to see your page. This procedure is manual and can take up to several hours.

The administration of BB People Meet will check if your face in these images is the same as in your legal. These can be your passport or driving license. If everything is okay, your account with pictures will appear in the list of newcomers. So, you will be able to start your journey on BBPeople.

How Much Time the Verification Takes

BBPeople tries to protect singles BBW, and the verification is done manually. There are lots of newcomers here; thus, it can take the whole day to check all theimages. If you want the procedure to be faster, you should upload pics without face filters or masks, making it easier to verify them.

Members’ Accounts on BBPeople

As there are thousands of members on the platform, it can be difficult to attract other users. To become more popular, you should add some details about yourself on your profile. Don’t write a long description. To make this text beneficial, you should follow these rules:

  • Don’t add facts making you an average person;
  • Try creating something unique;
  • Don’t get too personal (try to avoid intimate facts and some details about your private life).

How Do Profiles Look on BBPeople?

To see other users’ accounts, you can turn tothe search option. With this feature, you get access to the list of BBPeople members. You can look at their pictures and read their descriptions. If you likesomeone, you can add him/her to the list of your favorites. So, you won’t lose the person and send a message while he/she is online.

Discover Your Love on BBPeople

The most useful way to meet your significant other via BBPeople Meet is to search, which is available for all participants. Nevertheless, free users can select basic parameters. If you want to go more advanced, you ought to pay for a premium subscription.

Searching for Free Members

BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

With a free version of this dating website, you can select the general characteristics of your potential partner. They include:

  • Age;
  • Location;
  • Gender.

Moreover, it’s possible to show only online visitors. To be more specific, you can even select keywords.

Searching for Advanced Members

If you want to find a suitable partner, advanced filters are for you. With a premium subscription, you can browse by:

  • Ethnicity;
  • Appearance;
  • Education;
  • Andmore.

How to Be Matched

When you sign upon BBPeople, the system will offer you to answer the list of questions. They help find out more about your personality. After answering, you will get a list of your matches that is made automatically by the program. These are members who have the same answers. If some of them seem to be attractive, you can start the conversation.

How to Interact

BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

If you’re a free member of BBPeople, you cannot send messages to other users. To communicate, you ought to pay for a premium subscription. After purchasing this version, you can send and receive private messages: not only texts but videos and audios as well.

Other Features to Communicate

On the website, you can use other services to interact with the community. There is an “I’m interested” game. You ought to say “Yes or No” to profiles displayed. If one of your liked individuals has the same intentions, you can initiate the dialogue.

Furthermore, it’s possible to like other users’ photos. If you want to show your admiration for another member, send some comments —this a great way to greet this person if you feel shy about texting first.

Am I Safe on BBPeople?

You don’t have to be afraid of using BB People Meet, especially if you are a premium member.

Data Security

No private information is needed to sign up. However, if you purchase a premium pack, you ought to provide your credit card. The owners use an encryption system to protect this data from hackers. Third parties won’t be able to get access to your page. To feel secure, you should avoid using public WIFI while paying for the subscription.

Will I Meet Scammers?

BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

To make the account visible to other members, users must verify their photos. There aren’t many scammers on BB People Meet. However, it’s better to avoid interacting with a person if there is no description at all.

How to Deal WithScammers

If you see the member misbehaving, you can block this account. Furthermore, you can notify the client support service about this individual. If they find the page suspicious, www.bbpeoplemeet.com login will be impossible for this person.

How the Support Works

If you need to solve problems with BB People Meet urgently, support representatives are ready to help you. To contact them, you would need to fill out the form, and specialists will gladly answer your questions. All the replies will be sent to your email address. Also, you can go to the FAQ section with all the answers to the burning questions. There is a high chance that you will find yours there.

It’s highly recommended to read “Privacy Policy.” In this document, you can learn what the developers are doing to help you feel safe while communicating on BBPeople. In case you notice that one of your interlocutors behaves strangely, you can block this profile. As a result, you will protect not only yourself but do a good thing for the whole community. You will need to notify the administration about this account as well for them to take appropriate measures.

Is It Convenient?

BBPeople has a modern interface. It doesn’t take hours to learn how the main features operate. If necessary, you can visit the FAQ section, which contains tons of useful information, especially for newcomers. Otherwise, contact the customer support service. These professionals know how to correct all mistakes in a couple of minutes.

BBPeopleMeet App

BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

If you want to communicate via your phone, you can download a BBPeopleMeet app. It’s compatible with the latest gadgets (iOS and Android, among others). Don’t worry; you will get access to all features.

Membership Types

BBPeopleMeet login is absolutely free of charge. If you want to bring your experience to another level, it’s better to purchase a premium subscription.

What You Get for Free With BBPeople

A free version allows users to search with basic filters and add members to the favorites. Furthermore, you can use a matching function to see the list of the most suitable individuals.

Premium Membership

After getting a paid version, you can send messages and flirts. It’s possible to like and comment on photos. Moreover, you can play the “Yes or No” game. If you want to get access to advanced filters or text without limitations, you ought to purchase a premium pack. Premium members don’t see any ads or other bothering notifications, by the way. This version of BB People Meet is cheap enough. If you don’t want to spend hours looking for a potential partner, a paid profile is the best choice for you.

How Much Should I Pay for My BBPeopleExperience?

A premium plan costs $14.99 per month. To save money, better opt for six months right away ($5.96 per month).

How to Cancel BBPeopleMembership?

If you prefer to discontinue your membership, you need to go to the settings. There will be the “Remove Automatic Renewal” button. Press to deactivate it, and that’s it!


BBPeople Meet Review — Find Your Big Love Online

There is a high chance that your significant other lives in another country. It can be difficult for you to meet him/her in person. The developers of the BBW date understand that, so you can exchange video and audio messages with your online partner. To get access to this function, you need to go premium.

You can meet here people from Canada. If you want to look for a partner from your area, it won’t take longer than several minutes. Moreover, you will surely meet the right person even if you live in a small suburban area. You don’t need to have any experience in online dating to find your true fate here.

Many individuals on BBPeople are looking for a person to spend a couple of nights with. These users don’t mind sharing some intimate pictures and videos with other BBW singles. If you want to avoid receiving such messages, you ought to write about your intention in the description. However, if someone still tries to share them, simply block him/her. To sign up, users don’t have to provide much information about themselves. Mind that some scammers can register here as well. Thus, you should avoid sharing private data with a stranger.

Using a free profile on BB People Meet, you can take advantage of basic filters and add other members to the list of people you like most. Moreover, you can personalize your profile and upload some pictures and your unique description. This site is a marvelous choice for curvy people who are looking for a perfect partner. You can use your mobile phone to co communicate with others on BB People Meet. Consider premium membership, as it’s cheap and open the whole new dating world for you!

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