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BlackChristianPeopleMee Review – Is This The Best Dating App For You? (2022)

BlackChristianPeopleMee Review – Is This The Best Dating App For You? (2022)
About Site
Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 72%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 17 860
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 8.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a relatively easy site to use.
  • Registration is easily done by simple steps or via Facebook.
  • Any member can view profile photos and browse profiles.
  • Charges on the site are fair.
  • The site has exciting features like flirting and meetups.
  • The website is safe for users and has a working customer support team.
  • BlackChristianPeopleMeet has no apps available.
  • There is no optimized version for mobiles.
  • The profiles have low quality.
  • Members with free accounts cannot access some contacting features.
  • Photos and videos uploaded have to be verified, and it takes a long time.

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Dating is an activity that people of different ages might find tasking. For some, it is just hard to find the right one. For others, they do not have the time even to look. Some people want to date a certain kind of person, maybe from their ethnic background or someone who shares the same fate.

People Media is a kind of company that caters to such people, who want a niche. The company runs several sites for various niches, with one of such being the popular BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com.

BlackChristianPeopleMeet, as the name implies, is an online community for black Christian singles. The black Christian dating site serves single Christians looking to meet and connect with like-minded people for honest friendships, romance, dating, committed relationships, and even marriages.

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com is home to men and women looking towards friendships, serious relationships, commitment, and marriage, just like many other dating sites for Christian singles. Not entirely for blacks, other people are welcome in the community to mix with black Christian singles and understand/live the Christian faith.

The site is one of the top personal sites run by People Media, and they have recorded huge success of faith-based relationships.

Audience Structure

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com Review

This site’s audience includes single black women and single black men by a 3.5:6.5 with men dominating. On average, 30,000 new members of varying ages join per month. Being based on Christianity, this black dating site caters for Christian singles who are ready to commit long term towards marriages or anyone in search of a Christian to date.

Is there any specification? (gay dating, adult dating, christian dating etc)

  • The platform is mainly for adult Christian dating. Many singles are welcome, but there are a few exceptions. BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com is for heterosexuals only. The site only welcomes a man looking for a woman or woman looking for a man.
  • It is home to only serious minded singles looking towards meeting Christians for relationships, be it simple faith-based friendships or long-term romantic relationships.

Geographical structure

Singles in the US, Canada, and some other areas of the world are found on this site. However, most of the audience are based in America.

Ethnic structure

Blacks and non-blacks can join and mingle.

Age structure

You will find adult singles, ranging from 18 years to even 55 years and above. However, it is more populated by adults between the ages of 20-45.

Gender structure

As per the recent analysis, the male members and female members take 65% and 35%, respectively.

Sexual orientation

As mentioned earlier, the website is only for heterosexuals only. If you are considering same-sex relationships or anything else, this website is not for you.

Getting Started: BlackChristianPeopleMeet Signup

To become a member, you have to sign up, and that is for free. The Christian singles site provides a free black Christian dating sign-up by registering via Facebook or following a six-step process, either of which does not take much time.

Information you’ll have to provide

To join black Christians dating for free, you can sign up via Facebook. This way, most of your personal information can be accessed to save you the stress of filling out information. Otherwise, you can also follow the six-steps which involve you inputting:

  • Your sex(gender) and who you are seeking.
  • Your country and a valid zip postal code.
  • Your email address
  • A password
  • Your date of birth
  • Your first name

Once your account is set up, you will need to fill out specific details about yourself on your profile, like uploading your picture(s), which you can import from your Facebook profile or upload as you wish. You might also want to upload some videos of yourself.

Verification process

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com process

Whether pictures or videos, they all need to be verified by the staff of the platform. The verification process for some sites can take about 48 hours, but it is different from the BlackChristianPeopleMeet site, as it can take over 48 hours. This is one disadvantage of the website, as your profile can only be approved once the staff has verified your pictures.

Time it takes to get approved

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com Accounts are pretty easy to set up, with the verification process being the only issue. Once that is done, you have scaled the most challenging hurdle. It is important to note that your profile cannot be seen by other users on the platform without a picture.

BlackChristianPeopleMeet Account

Firstly, your picture is necessary, although it is not mandatory. Without an image, your profile cannot be seen by other members of the community. Your profile on BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com tells everyone else what you want them to know.

Profiles carry an “online” indicator so you can be seen that you’re available online, and they can chat you up, only if they are paid users.

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com Profile Structure

Not every profile can be very detailed, carrying enough information about the user. Whatever information a user upload is what others would see. User profiles can contain information about the following:

  • Education
  • Hometown
  • Body type
  • Political interests/views
  • Lifestyle and others

While uploading details, this black Christian singles site allows you to save ideas for messaging. This Message Starter Idea is a feature that serves as an icebreaker in a way. With this, you can have personality questions for anyone visiting your profile. With the questions available for anyone viewing your profile, you have automatically put out some specifics, and that makes connections easier. Also, you can always edit and re-edit the information on your profile. It is best to stay honest so that you can find the right person.

Before getting directed to your profile, you will be asked to upgrade your membership at a fair price. You can either decline or accept. Any user of the platform can view pictures for free, and that is great, but you cannot have access to some contacting features until you become a paid member.

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com Search

Once your profile is all set, with your BlackChristianPeopleMeet login, you can sign up and meet black singles and Christian singles of other races.

Basic Search Features

Using the BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com, you can easily use the Basic Search Feature. Here you look for a potential match using features that interest you or characteristics you like, such as Christian denomination, height, or others, for instance. Let’s consider that you sign up as a male seeking female. You can look up single black women from your area.

You can also use a keyword search, and the site will show you results, including people who used the keywords you searched out. From there you can find your match.

There is also a location search. With it, you have a chance to search out a potential match using location. This site feature questions from your profile and the Message Starter Idea. This way, you can match to eligible single black women or single black men around you.

Advanced Search Features

There are no advanced search features or algorithms to propose a match to you automatically.

Matching process

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com process

You can use the Basic search, use keywords or locations.

You can browse through profiles available, so the platform is pretty easy to use. If you have a paid membership, you can contact anyone and have a live chat with people you usually connect with.

Now, meeting someone boils down the details available. If a user does not upload a picture, it cannot be visible to other users. Profile details filled by users on their profile also determine how other users can perceive them.

Getting in touch

Once you find someone you like, the site lets you nudge other users, like pictures, make comments, and even flirt with that person. You bet it is as good as any regular black dating site. You can live chat users or send emails and messages, only if you are a paid user. There is no video chat available.

Chat features and interface

The platform allows free and premium members different options to connect with others. As a free member, you can like photos, send a flirt, and even add members to favorites. On the other side, premium members can send messages, comment on images, and reach other people without any limitations.

Is BlackChristianPeopleMeet Safe?

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com Safe

Not all dating sites are safe, and you might encounter some concerns among some Christian dating sites, too. Considering that, BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com is generally safe as from registration, users are thoroughly screened. For instance, if you use a zip code not recognizable or that of a country barred by the US, you will not be able to register.

Moreover, if they find out from your Facebook, you are married, or while filling your date of birth, you are underage, you will not be able to register on the platform. There is also the verification done on pictures before profiles are approved to be sure that a user is real and legit. These measures are put in place to keep users safe.

If you feel bothered about a certain person on the platform, you can make a report about your concerns, backing your claims with proof. You will be directed on what to do about the case in about 48 hours.

This site where black Christian people meet also affords you the chance to block anyone from viewing your profile or contacting you. This way, you can ensure that you are safe using the platform and also enjoy your time while finding your soulmate or make the best of relationships.

Data privacy and protection

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com privacy

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com operates as a safe site using only the information you provide. By uploading your details, you allow them to share the information you provide so you can meet potential friends and dates. It will be difficult to function on a dating site without sharing information, but the site does not go beyond the terms you agree upon. The platform also shares their data and privacy policy on the website, which is very easy to understand.

There are safety tips, health tips, online dating security tips, and much more on the site to let you know more. They explain not sharing financial details, being sure about someone before getting too cozy, and the likes.

Are there many scum profiles?

Some profiles on the platform are quite detailed, while the others aren’t. Since the administrators go through the photos of every profile before approving, and it allows users to link Facebook accounts, the number of scum profiles is quite low.

How is it moderated?

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com moderated

As far as scum profiles are concerned, the site tries not to register such, and if they spot any, they remove such profiles from the platform. They have strict guidelines against those who go against the integrity and rules of the BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com.

Help & Support

Concerns about any contacts can be reported to the support team on the site. BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com shares contact details for the users in the USA and Canada on the website for several kinds of security cases or reports. There are also contacts for their users in the other countries they operate. These helplines are available to care for all the concerns of users. The customer care support is available for 12 hours from 7 am on Mondays to Fridays for any needs or concerns.

About The Website

The site has a simple layout for anyone who can read and use the internet well enough. With clean fonts and straight-to-the-point details, even the less tech-savvy can go on without help. You do not see distracting images or any romantic, flirty, or insinuating pictures like some dating sites prefer.

Just like the name, the site chooses to be simple and offer purity in a way, leading you straight to what you came for- searching out a Christian single. The site also provides specific details if you want to look around simply. Before becoming a part of the community, you can read up on their terms, policies, and contact information.

Website usability

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com usability

The website is simply designed with the knowledge that all users are not tech-savvy and offers a platform that is simple and understandable. This is why BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com is very easy to use, especially on the desktop. The site can easily be accessed on mobile devices, but it is much easier and more fun to use on computers.

Is there is a BlackChristianPeopleMeet app available

Sadly there is no BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com app available for now. In these modern times, the lack of an app can be a turnoff for some people. Particularly young people like to have fast and easy access to the platform using a mobile app. However, this has not deterred them from joining the site.

Membership options

As mentioned earlier, users can register and choose to upgrade to a paid membership or use the site for free.

BlackChristianPeopleMeet Free version

This does not offer everything the site has in stock for paid members. Here is a list of features available for free users:

  • Firstly, interested single black women and single black men can register and login for free.
  • Users can upload their pictures and videos and fill out profiles all without paying anything.
  • Free users can see profile pictures of anyone registered on the site.
  • There are no charges for users to make gestures to other users so that free users can send winks or flirts.
  • They can like other users’ profiles.
  • They are also allowed to save profiles they like as favorites.

Premium features

BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com features

The BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com for black Christian meet login, chat, friendship, and dating charges users a fee. Many people consider this fair and upgrade to a paid membership. Once you subscribe to the paid membership, you can use the features that free users cannot get, and you are well on your way to meet someone quicker. As a paid member:

  • You can send messages to just about anyone you like.
  • You can view, read, and reply messages sent to you by anyone on the site.
  • You can see people who find you attractive, who have liked your profile, or made your profile one of their favorites.
  • Sending and receiving emails is possible.
  • You can also chat with any online user, and you can see if the messages you sent have been read.

Other unique features and their advantages include

  • Echo:

This is a special feature available to the users of this dating site. When two people like each other’s profiles, the site notify them with an ‘echo.’ This can spark a greater interest or build a more cordial relationship between two admirers.

  • Promote me:

Are you feeling very enthusiastic about meeting anyone in particular? For 1 hour in a day, you can use this feature to help yourself out. With this, you can appear in search of your potential match. This also boosts the attention you get and can increase your messages. It is a “traffic builder” in a way, putting you on “the spotlight.”

  • Connect me:

This is an exciting feature with which you can talk to someone you have a great interest in, without having to share your phone number.

Let’s say, as a guy, you have been chatting with a lady for a while and would like to hear her voice and converse over the phone, but you want to be extra careful and not share your phone number. BlackPeopleMeet.com offers a solution. You are both given an exclusive number you can call and be connected until you are fine with using your real numbers. This feature, unfortunately, is only available for members in the USA for now.

  • Offline events:

The managers of the site organize events for the members offline in various locations across the US to spice up the entire platform. This favors many people who do not keep up conversations online. It’s also an advantage for the not-so-tech-savvy as these events help them meet their friends away from technology. This feature is plenty helpful for first-timers, too.

BlackChristianPeopleMeet Pricing: Plans and prices###

You might say black dating sites or black dating apps are free. But that’s partially true. Some websites charge to attract serious people and have a high-quality audience.

Considering the pricing, it is fair to say you will not be paying so much to meet the right person. The site offers various payment plans for users as follows:

  • Subscription for a single month costs $13.99
  • For three months, it is less expensive, and that costs $8.99 per month, making it $26.97 in total.
  • It is way less when you pay for six months. That costs $6.49 per month and a total of $38.94.

Note: For three months and above, users are not billed monthly. Also, if you want to change subscriptions, you will be charged an additional fee of $3.99.

Users in some places, regardless of their subscription plans, pay extra for tax, like those in Washington, who pay $4.34 as state tax.

Considering the features this dating site offers and comparing them to other black dating sites, it is affordable and worth the price.

Cancelling BlackChristianPeopleMeet subscription and deleting profile

If you desire to cancel your BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com subscription and delete your profile, you can go to the settings corner and click on your account. Then, open your account status and remove your profile. You will be asked a short question which you will need to answer to confirm the cancellation. This deletes every single information from pictures to videos and messages linked to your profile on the site. You can check your account status, activate an auto-renewal of your subscription, or deactivate it.


Finally, we can say that BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com is a site for black Christian dating for free. Furthermore, it is a good one among dating sites for Christian singles, available on the internet today. Though it does not have an app, it provides many features, and even better, paid users to get great opportunities.

For example, the platform will be the right choice for people who are nearly giving up on finding a good Christian to date and marry. If virtues, faith, and Christianity are fundamental to you, a place like BlackChristianPeopleMeet.com will be home to you. That’s because many serious-minded Christians are part of this platform and respect the faith as much as you do. You can consider it a win, one place to find a partner, and still maintain your beliefs.

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