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CaribbeanCupid Review: Meet Hot Singles and Mingle

CaribbeanCupid Review: Meet Hot Singles and Mingle
About Site
Active Audience 83%
Quality Matches 84%
Popular Age 21-45
Profiles 700 000
Reply Rate 84%
Ease of Use 6.8
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Takes a very specific geographic niche
  • Free and simple registration
  • Available on Android Play Market
  • Plenty of English speakers
  • Neat interface
  • No app for iPhones
  • Few communications tools for free users
  • Some accounts are fake
  • Profile verification is quite tough
  • Relatively low numbers

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CaribbeanCupid is one of the many dating sites owned by Cupid Media. Like most sites in this vast international network, CaribbeanCupid has a geographic focus of its own, and it is not hard to guess which area it targets. Still, the question is — will this site land you hot Caribbean dates or, perhaps, even help meet a long-term partner? Take a look at our Caribbean Cupid review of the main features to see if this service could be a good fit for you.

Audience Structure

CaribbeanCupid Review

Since CarribeanCupid is a niche site that does not target a very vast geographic area, it is not surprising that its numbers are not the highest online. Not only it ranks low in user count compared to other international dating services, but it is also one of the least populated Cupid sites. Overall, there are around 55 thousand users, even though the total user database is larger. On the other hand, this could be seen as a plus, since it allows to narrow down profile selection and filter out non-Caribbean people. So, it really depends on your personal perspective.

Is there any Specification?

Caribbean Cupid is a website designed for meeting hot Caribbean singles. This the main focus of the website, even though people living outside this area are also welcome to join. In fact, a lot of men from the US are hoping to meet hot Caribbean ladies here — which is another distinct focus of the service.

Geographical Structure

Even though most users do come from the Caribbean region, this site is still an international dating network. Still, the Caribbean and the US have the most active members on this site. US users, men mostly, account for approximately 200 thousand users. Other people mostly live in the Bahamas, the Virgin Islands, and other islands of the region. A lot of Caribbean countries are English-speaking ones, so the language barrier is hardly ever a challenge. Also, plenty of people think that this is a Jamaican dating site since a lot of users come from this region. However, Jamaica is still not the only active country on this service, as the Dominican Republic seems to be pretty active, too.

Ethnic Structure

CaribbeanCupid is targeting one region, but even this relatively small area is very ethnically diverse. So, even though you may brand most of its users as simply ‘Caribbean,’ the actual ethnicities will be way more complex. But, since we’re not here for genetic lessons, let’s just stick to the obvious — it is a site that welcomes all users, regardless of their ethnicity. Here, you will find both Caribbean girls and Dominican cupids, as well as other singles from the same region.

Age Structure

Differently from most other dating sites populated by people in their late twenties and early thirties, most active users on caribbeancupid.com are a bit more mature than that. Over half of all users are between 35 and 44 years old. However, all other age groups are also represented in this website — even though in smaller numbers. So, it is a great spot that can accommodate people of different ages and dating preferences.

Gender Structure

Another impressive peculiarity of CaribbeanCupid is that it has an equal, almost 50/50 gender ratio. Once again, most dating sites have more women than men — with a few exceptions where men take the lead in numbers. This service, however, truly offers equal odds of finding good partners to both sexes.

Sexual Orientation

CaribbeanCupid caters to heterosexuals exclusively. Some, of course, may see it as a downside, but let’s face it — it is not always wise to mix different orientations on one site. CaribbeanCupid has its geography and sexual orientation pretty narrowly defined. This limits the number of total users but definitely makes dating easier for people interested in that particular audience. After all, users no longer need to filter out too many accounts they would never be interested in.

Getting started: CaribbeanCupid Sign Up

CaribbeanCupid Sign Up

Practically all websites in the Cupid network make new profile creation simple as one-two-three. CaribbeanCupid is not an exception. Besides, it has a Facebook login that makes matters even easier.

Information You’ll Have to Provide

Your very first Caribbean Cupid login will happen in less than two minutes after clicking on the sign-up button — even if you do not use your Facebook details. Standard email registration implies thinking of a username and password. You should also indicate your age, gender, and location. That is pretty much everything — any additional information, photo upload included, can be taken care of later. Newcomers do not even have to verify their emails, so creating new accounts with CaribbeanCupid is really a breeze.

Verification Process

Even though there is no email verification procedure, users can (and probably should) verify their identities. This will give them a ‘verified’ batch and boost their overall profile credibility. However, proving that you are a real person on CaribbeanCupid is more challenging than on most other dating sites. Users who want to verify their identity will have to submit a copy of their passport (or other similar ID) and wait for the admins to check the uploaded files manually.

Time it Takes to Get Approved

Getting a verified batch from CaribbeanCupid may take up to a couple of days. On the bright side, profiles that have not been verified yet are not at all limited in functionality. Identity verification and subsequent approval are both optional, so a 48-hour waiting period is nothing to be concerned about. It does not put your Caribbean dating on hold. Besides, some accounts may be verified even sooner than that.

CaribbeanCupid Account

CaribbeanCupid Sign Up

Even though CaribbeanCupid does not ask for any specific information when new users join, fully complete profiles can be very detailed. In fact, a lot of people will find it a bit tedious to fill in so many account graphs. Still, it is highly recommended to add as many personal details as you can because it will make your account more presentable and may boost your chances of finding good matches. Besides, you do not necessarily have to complete the profile in a single sitting. Any profile info can be added or edited later, so take your time and make sure the final result looks good.

CaribbeanCupid Profile Structure

Even a thumbnail of CaribbeanCupid profiles shows quite a lot of information about the user. Under profile pics, people can see a person’s first name, location, age, and relationship goals with the service. This thumbnail even has a prospective age range this user is interested in. In comparison to most other dating sites, this is really a lot. But wait till you press on the user account — that is where the truly extensive personality description hides. Completed accounts on Caribbean Cupid dating site include several dozen graphs with information about appearance, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle habits, pets, children, hobbies, occupation, employment status, even income, home type, and current living situation. Of course, not every user will feel confident sharing real data about their income, but we still suggest you fill in as many of those graphs you feel comfortable with.

CaribbeanCupid Membership

Like most international dating sites, CaribbeanCupid offers two search options — basic and detailed one.

Basic Search Features

Basic search is very useful for newcomers who are just looking around the service. It includes age, location, and romantic preferences. Of course, this is not enough to fall in love with someone, but it does offer a good look at the CaribbeanCupid community.

Advanced Search Features

Since there are so many profile graphs on CaribbeanCupid, no wonder that its advanced search filters are also pretty detailed. In the advanced search, users can specify practically any criteria available in CaribbeanCupid accounts. This is a huge plus for people who know for a fact what they want from a prospective partner. On the other hand, you should not get carried away with specific filters. After all, finding someone truly special is not just about Math and filtering; it is also about luck and an ability to find common ground. So, leave some room for prospective surprises and only filter the absolutely must-have criteria.

Matching Process

CaribbeanCupid Process

If you do not want to take matters into your own hands, CaribbeanCupid will show you some profiles automatically. The matching algorithms are pretty standard, so all automatic suggestions will be based on your relationship goals and the age of people you find suitable. However, if you properly fill out your profile (and your expectations from a perfect match), the software will take more details into account. So, once again, it is important to have fully detailed accounts on CaribbeanCupid.

Getting in Touch

No matter if you find someone you like manually or see an automatic match that picks your interest, you will need a premium subscription to reach out to this person. Technically, there is a way to start chatting with another person without a paid account, but only if this person messages you first. So, it all goes down to having a paid membership, after all. A paid user can send a message, but a free user can only reply. The only 100% free communication tool on CaribbeanCupid is the ‘Show Interest’ feature. This could be a way to reach out to a premium user and hope that this person will drop a few lines. Then, a conversation can get going. But, of course, it does not offer any real guarantees that you will be able to chat. On the bright side, viewing other people’s profiles and photo galleries is available to every registered user. So, initial contacting means are more or less square. Besides, Cupid has never positioned itself as a free dating network. So, while some very basic communications means are allowed for free, they are here simply to introduce new users to the site. To communicate fully, one is always expected to pay.

Chat Features and Interface

This platform is one of those Caribbean dating sites that allow sending instant messages to other users. Overall, messages look pretty much like chats. When both users are online, they can easily talk in real-time. If you are not a fan of typing, no problem. CaribbeanCupid also supports audio and video calls. When a person you would like to chat with is offline, you can make use of a longer, email-like messaging feature.

Is CaribbeanCupid Safe?

CaribbeanCupid Safe

Cupid dating network has a pretty mixed reputation when it comes to safety and profile authenticity. We, however, assume that CaribbeanCupid is pretty much safe — especially for users who keep a clear head and follow basic Internet security rules. But, then again, this is a standard rule for using any dating service, so absolutely no reason to worry. Besides, site owners do consider security and do everything in their power to ensure a safe user experience.

Data Privacy and Protection

All data on this site is encrypted. This means that any communication with the other users, personality details, and payment info people share is not disclosed to third parties. If you log in with Facebook, the site does not post anything on your profile. Neither will your FB friends know you are looking for a hot Caribbean date. On the tech side, everything is safe and smooth.

Are There Many Scam Profiles?

Still, anyone using CaribbeanCupid should not forget that this site does not even call for email verification. Identity verification also remains optional. Of course, chatting to verified users is a safer choice, but one should always remember that verified identity does not always mean honest intentions. So, as you meet new people, keep your financial data to yourself, and do not disclose too much sensitive data when it comes to your personality, travel plans, etc. All in all, most of this site’s user database seems to be legit, but you better be safe than sorry.

How Is It Moderated?

You can report any users you find suspicious, and the support will take a closer look at such users’ activity. If the suspicious profile is unverified, site admins may ask for verification. If it is verified but raises doubt about profile authenticity, site managers may even give this person a call and ask them to answer some questions about their passport details. Besides, you can always block any users bothering you, so CaribbeanCupid security is pretty solid.


CaribbeanCupid has a good, detailed FAQ section and highly responsive support. While the support does not have a lot of contact options — just the good old-fashioned email form — it still reacts to all issues promptly. So, while you will not have a chance to contact them via chat or social media, they will still get back to you shortly and help with any issue you are experiencing.

Website usability

CaribbeanCupid usability

CaribbeanCupid has a pretty standard design, similar to most other websites in Cupid Network. Simplicity is definitely the main building block here. This site does not have any complex, interactive features and has all the necessary functional elements exactly where they should be. So, while CaribbeanCupid may lack some creativity, it does compensate for this minor flaw with simplicity and ease of navigation. The only feature that makes CaribbeanCupid stand out from other sites in the same network is its color theme. It is, indeed, very Caribbean — with white background and contrasting yellow and orange elements. The site also supports several languages, which is very important for international networks. So, while a bit old-fashioned, CaribbeanCupid is fully functional.

Is There is a CaribbeanCupid App Available?

CaribbeanCupid does have an app, but for some reason, it is only available for Android devices. So, iOS users will have to do with a mobile-optimized version of a full site. On the bright side, the CaribbeanCupid Android app is well-designed. It has a neat interface and comes with the same set of features as the desktop version. While it is not exactly clear why site owners would ignore iPhones, we believe the actual reason is simple. Most people interested in Jamaican dating and other singles of the Caribbean region are usually Android users.

Membership options

CaribbeanCupid memberchip

CaribbeanCupid has two paid memberships and a free, standard account. We already mentioned that free users will not be able to do much with this service. Now, let’s take a closer look at the differences between free and paid accounts.

CaribbeanCupid Free Version

Free users can register, complete their accounts, and make use of automatic match suggestions on CaribbeanCupid. They will also be able to search for other profiles and show interest in other users. If paying members contact them first, they will be able to reply. Blocking and reporting offensive users is also supported in a free account.

Premium Features

When it comes to paying memberships, two plans are available. The first one, Gold, already supports unlimited communication with any other users. It is also possible to hide your account or browse for other people in incognito mode. All in all, this plan is quite enough to experience most of the CaribbeanCupid essential features. If, however, you prefer even more versatility, you might consider a more advanced, Platinum plan. First of all, this subscription gives users VIP status and boosts their profiles in search results. Besides, it doubles available profile space, so there is even more room for creativity and self-expression. However, going with a more expensive plan is not at all necessary because a cheaper subscription already supports communication with the service. But let’s take a closer look at the prices.

CaribbeanCupid Pricing: plans and prices

One month of Gold subscription cost almost $25, which is a bit pricey. However, if you subscribe long-term, the price drops significantly. A full year of communicating on CaribbeanCupid costs $100, which is slightly more than $8 a month. If you would rather not commit for a full year at once, consider a three-month subscription for $50, or around $16-17 a month. Platinum membership is a bit more expensive, but not drastically. Month-wise, it is around $5 higher than the Gold plan. So, one month of using Platinum CaribbeanCupid is $30, three months — $60, and a full year — $120. So, even though this plan does not offer any obligatory features, you can still consider it. There is little difference in terms of money, but a couple of extra perks can come in handy — especially if you plan to use this dating service for some time.

Cancelling CaribbeanCupid Subscription and Deleting profile

CaribbeanCupid Subscription

All subscriptions auto-renew automatically, but if you do not want to be billed again, simply turn this feature off in the account settings. It is also possible to cancel an existing subscription at any time, but make sure to do so before a new payment period starts. CaribbeanCupid is not very eager to give refunds, so either make sure your payments do not auto-renew or cancel them a couple of days before the current plan expires. You can also permanently delete your profile from the account settings. If, however, you’re using CaribbeanCupid paid plans, cancel those first.


On the whole, this platform is a solid Caribbean dating site. While it does not offer any extraordinary features, it could be a good place to start dating Caribbean men and women. Even though some profiles may certainly be fake, a lot of them are real. Sadly, free users will not have a chance to enjoy even basic communication means, but since long-term subscription plans are more than affordable, getting a premium account is still something to consider. Even more so, if you live outside the region and hope to find long-term partners for serious relationships. This is something CaribbeanCupid may help you with, for a reasonable cost.

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