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Feeld Review: Is It the Best Dating Site for Couples and Singles?

Feeld Review: Is It the Best Dating Site for Couples and Singles?
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 53%
Popular Age 26-32
Profiles 9 760
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 5.6
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is a perfect platform to reveal your sexuality;
  • Feeld welcomes singles and couples;
  • Suitable for people of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations;
  • Messaging does not require any fee;
  • Subscribers are active and friendly;
  • Facebook verification wards off scammers;
  • There is a free trial week;
  • Users can protect their Feeld privacy with a password;
  • The Feeld app operates speedy and has a fabulous design;
  • There are no distracting advertisements.
  • You can register solely via Facebook;
  • There is no webcam chat;
  • Hiding from your FB friends is a paid option;
  • Profiles are not in-detail;
  • You cannot add photos in any other way except your FB account.

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Feeld is one of the most eccentric and popular dating sites for couples. Its mission is to help adult men and women worldwide reveal their deepest erotic desires and test their sexuality. Nowadays, a lot of people feel shy to talk about their sexual preferences even with their partners. But sexologists admit that it is the wrong approach that can harm your sexual life or even destroy your marriage. Feeld dating experience is a different story. This portal encourages people of all ages to talk openly about their desires and not be afraid to reveal their sexual identity. The app welcomes singles and couples of diverse gender identities and sexual orientations. If you want to try something new with another sexual partner, you do not have to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend. You can register on Feeld together and connect with other hotties to add some spice to your sexual routine.

Feeld review will shed some light on the advantages and weak points of this global threesome dating app. Why is it so popular among singles and couples worldwide, and what specific features does it offer to the members? Let’s start by examining the pros and cons.

Analysis of the Audience Structure

Feeld Structure

Feeld is of the increasing demand among people of diverse sexual preferences. As one of the leading polyamorous dating apps, Feeld has a diverse member structure considering their gender identity, age, ethnic background, and relationship status.

Peculiarities: Who Will Like the App?

Feeld is an ideal place for couples hookup. The site opens its doors to singles, swingers, threesomes fans, etc. Whether you are single or have a partner, you can feel free to register on Feeld. The dominant segment of the app community includes couples that want to spice up their sexual life. You can create a shared account with your boyfriend or girlfriend and enjoy all the benefits of this iconic poly dating app.

Geolocation: Where Is the Primary Audience From?

Feeld Geolocation: Where Is the Primary Audience

Feeld app review showed that the leading share of its user base is the US locals. They form more than 47% of the total audience. The portal is well-known among singles and couples from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and some European countries. The number of Asian and African users is low (about 3%). In general, Feeld can boast of its current 2-million user base globally, and this number keeps growing in 2020.

Ethnic Background

Men and women of diverse ethnic backgrounds can enjoy Feeld dating. The app subscribers have different skin colors, religions, and beliefs. The dominant part is white people from the United States; Asian people make the smallest part of the site user base.

Age Range of the Site Members

According to the Feeld policy, you need to be at least 18 years old to register on this poly dating app. The platform welcomes both seniors and youngsters; the most active subscribers are guys and ladies at the age of 30+. Feeld strategy makes it clear that age is just a number when it comes to couples’ hookups. You can be 55+ and have a spouse and kids, but you should not shy to participate in erotic experiments and be kinky when it comes to getting pleasure.

Gender Identity of the Users

Feeld app review showed that one of its specific features is its user base with 20+ gender identities. 99% of other threesome dating sites offer only two or three options to select from male, female, transgender. Feeld has a much more vast range of options to reveal your gender identity, including agender, cisgender, genderqueer, non-binary, etc. Whatever your gender ID, you can be sure to find similar matches on Feeld.

Sexual Orientation: Who Can Register on the App

As a poly dating app, Feeld has no restrictions and prejudices to sexual orientations of its audience. Men and women of 20+ sexual orientations and preferences can find like-minded partners on this dating portal. This list includes heterosexual, bisexual, heteroflexible, and homosexual men and women. It is just a short review because this list is much longer. Feeld is suitable for single people and couples who want to try online dating with their partners. The primary goal is for everyone on Feeld to reveal his/her inner sexuality and dive into the ocean of breathtaking erotic encounters. If you dream of having sex with two, three, or five partners at once or want your soul mate to join you for an unforgettable threesomes date, Feeld app exists to make your sexual dreams come true.

Feeld Sign Up: In-Detail Guide

Feeld In-Detail Guide

Registration on Feeld differs from that on other threesome dating sites. There is only one way you can sign up on Feeld, i.e., via your Facebook account. Make sure that you entered your account on FB if you want to sign up on Feeld. The entire process is effortless and takes about one minute.

How to Sign Up Via Facebook

Users do not need to waste too much time to register on Feeld. The app automatically connects to your Facebook account to take the required data. Newcomers do not need to pass personality tests or answer dating-related questions; they must specify their age, gender identity, location, and sexual orientation. A final step is giving your phone number: it is necessary to complete verification.

As a Feeld member, you can select a profile photo from your Facebook gallery. You cannot add any other photos unless you download them to your Facebook first. Although Feeld provides its services for singles and couples hookup, it has strict rules regarding the content posted on its pages. The portal forbids posting explicit images and nudity. One more essential thing about registration on Feeld is that all users must read its terms of service before signing up.

How to Pass FB and Phone Verification

Profiles on Feeld are not super in-detail. They contain the most basic details about each member without specifying his/her hobbies, occupation, lifestyle, etc. The portal collects purely the information that is necessary for hooking. It is no wonder that people often call Feeld — Tinder for couples. But unlike Tinder, registration on Feeld requires a strict verification. First of all, the site moderators check your Facebook account to make sure it is not fake. Some smart individuals try to cheat on the moderating team when they create fake accounts on FB to sign up on the portal. Such accounts do not have a single photo, plus there is no friends list. Feeld exposes such accounts in a minute and rejects their owners in the right to subscribe to the app. The next step is phone verification. Moderators check the phone number that you gave during registration. If everything works fine, they approve your candidature and give you access to a fascinating variety of services.

How Much Time Does Verification Take?

As a rule, a verification process takes about 12 hours. Some people do not like the idea that they can register on Feeld purely via Facebook. They do not want to mix their social life with private. Nevertheless, in addition to phone confirmation, Facebook verification makes the sign-up process straightforward and speedy and helps protect the app members from scammers, bots, and gold-diggers.

Feeld Account: Basic Details

Feeld Basic Details

Feeld is a perfect online global platform for couples dating singles or other couples, for threesome encounters, and casual hooking. Thus, it is understandable that user accounts on Feeld do not contain information about one’s character traits, life goals, or description of a perfect date. Feeld accounts serve for one specific aim — connecting free-minded singles and couples who want to spice up their sexual life.

How to Create a Profile on Feeld Dating App

A profile structure on Feeld is simple. If you and your partner register as a couple, you can create one account for both of you. Profiles contain precise information about your gender identity and sexual preferences (the same refers to your partner if you have a joint account). Location is another essential aspect of the profile structure because the dominant segment of the app members arranges personal dates in real life. Thus, your potential matches must live in the same city and be close to you. In other words, people who want to try Feeld dating should be ready that they will know a little of personal details about their potential matches, but still, it will not stop them from having the most thrilling erotic encounters with other threesome fans.

Feeld Search: How to Find Partners on the App

Feeld How to Find Partners on the App

Once you register on Feeld, the app automatically presents you with a list of prospective partners and couples in your area. The system works that way that you receive only those matches that correspond to your criteria. You can like someone’s profile on Feeld, but you cannot start messaging with this person or couple until they like you back. You can search for hotties by yourself, but still, you cannot get in contact with someone before both of you like each other’s profiles.

Peculiarities of the Standard Search Filters

Feeld members can search for hookups applying standard search filters, like age, gender, and location. They can specify if they want to meet singles or couples. As for sexual preferences, you can discuss these details personally when you start communicating.

Privileges of the Advanced Search Filters

Feeld subscribers can upgrade their membership to majestic, but it does not cover advanced search filters. VIP members can search for hookups, applying the same filters as free subscribers. Of course, majestic membership gives certain privileges to its owners, but we will discuss them a bit later in this review.

Matching: How to Get in Touch With Other Hotties

Feeld  How to Get in Touch With Other Hotties

Reaching the right people is one of the primary missions of all polyamorous dating apps. People who stand for polyamorous relationships know that it makes no sense to search for matches on the traditional dating sites. Thus, they address dating sites for couples like Feeld. It is easy-going for them to get in touch with other members because they have the same attitude to a non-monogamous lifestyle.

Breaking the Ice and Messaging

Feeld differs from many other threesome dating sites because you can get in touch with other hotties without purchasing a premium subscription. Feeld members can send IMs and respond to them free of charge. It is one of the main benefits because 95% of other dating sites require money for this option. It does not matter if you are a free or a premium member when it comes to swiping profiles.

Free members can view profiles of majestic subscribers and vice versa. They can like photos and arrange chats with other hotties at no additional fee. Feeld does not have its currency like other dating sites, but users do not even need it because there are no virtual gifts that they can purchase in exchange for this currency. In general, the chat tab looks the same like on other dating portals. The only disadvantage is that Feeld members cannot see when an object of interest was online for the last time. It is a privilege of majestic subscription. There is also no possibility to filter the profiles according to the online now status.

How to Chat With Someone on the Site

Feeld app review showed that the portal does not have an option of a video chat. Feeld members cannot connect via webcam or arrange live streams. There is also no option to send audio messages or add video introduction to attract more viewers to your profile. Some members admit that they miss a lack of video chat in the 21st century. Maybe, the Feeld team will improve this aspect in the nearest future.

Is Feeld a Safe Threesome Dating App?

Feeld Safe Threesome Dating App

All people who register on Feeld want to know if this poly dating app safe for sexual partners’ search. Users want to know what the site team does to protect their privacy and how it can guarantee their safety. This question should be No.1 important for all dating sites fans.

How to Protect Your Privacy While Using the App

Feeld policy states that none of the personal details of their subscribers will get to the unrelated parties. The app does not reveal the phone numbers or bank card details to anyone. According to the Feeld policy, they store this information for the in-house services. In any case, Feeld members should also take responsibility for their safety when they register on the platform. It is vital not to pass your financial details to other users and to check your potential match before arranging a private date in real life. Another useful option to protect your privacy is by setting up a password for your Feeld account. It means that no one will access your account without PIN confirmation.

Scam Profiles: How to Avoid Them

About 99% of dating sites for couples have at least 1% of scam profiles. No matter what measures a site takes to eliminate fakes, there will always be scammers and bots. Feeld is not an exception. Nevertheless, the Feeld review showed that there are a few fake profiles on this platform. The leading part of the user base is real people who use the portal for their primary needs — hooking and adult experiments.

How the App Deals With Scammers

A small amount of scam accounts is the result of user verification. People who want to register on Feeld should connect via their Facebook accounts. It is a must-have step and the only way to get a membership on this poly dating app. The Feeld moderators check your FB account (photos, friends list) to ensure you do not create it only to complete registration. Another step to deal with scammers is phone verification. Newcomers must provide their valid phone numbers to confirm their identity. Facebook verification and phone identification together make a perfect combination and work as a powerful tool to keep scammers far from the rest of the Feeld community.

Customer Support: How to Contact a Help Center

Feeld Support: How to Contact a Help Center

You can contact the Feeld support service by writing a message in the corresponding field in the Support section. Usually, they respond within 24 hours. There is no live chat with customer support representatives. The good thing is that the Support section contains in-detail answers and instructions on the most typical issues regarding how to use the application. If you face any trouble with the app, you can try to find an answer there. If you could not find the answer, you can contact the help center.

Site Usability and Navigation Features

Feeld website has an eye-catching and fashionable design in orange and white colors. The home page contains information about the site goal, terms of use, and primary audience; there are direct links to download the Feeld app from App Store and Google Play. The drop-down bar contains the About us and Privacy policy sections, plus there is a FAQ chapter. The overall impression of the website is positive; the site is informative and easy to navigate.

How to Install the Feeld App on Android and iOS

Feeld is a global threesome dating site, and it will be strange if it does not have a mobile application. Feeld app review indicates that it is available on Android and iOs. The application has a trendy design and friendly interface. Everything here works to make Feeld users have the best pastime while searching for partners. The app weighs 38MB. It has good speed and operates smoothly, even with a weak Wi-Fi connection.

Membership Features: Free vs. Premium

Feeld members can use the portal for free and message with other hotties nearby. There is a paid subscription on Feeld, i.e., majestic one. Owners of the majestic membership receive some bonuses in addition to the free ones.

Feeld Free Features: Package of Services

Free features on Feeld include:

  • Creating a profile;
  • Liking photos of other members;
  • Messaging;
  • Searching for partners using standard filters;
  • Applying search by distance;
  • Arranging group chats;
  • Free members can see when someone liked them on Feeld.

Premium Features: Bonuses of a Majestic Membership

Users who purchased a majestic subscription can enjoy all the benefits of the free membership plus a couple of additional privileges, i.e.:

  • See the latest online activity of other members;
  • Turn on an invisible mode for their FB friends;
  • Receive notifications when someone liked their profiles;
  • Paid members can add private photos invisible to free users.

Feeld Pricing and Payment Methods

Feeld app is not super expensive in comparison with alternative dating sites for couples. Moreover, there is a 7-day free trial period on Feeld. It is a brilliant option for singles and couples to try the app if they have some doubts.

The price of the majestic (premium) membership:

  • One-month subscription — $12;
  • Three-month subscription — $24.

Members can pay via PayPal, bank cards, and mobile phone services.

How to Cancel Feeld Paid Subscription

If you decide to stop using the Feeld app, you can cancel your subscription. You can do it by selecting the corresponding option in the Google Play or App Store. If you cancel the majestic subscription before its expiry date, Feeld has a right not to make a refund. You can delete your profile on Feeld by selecting the Close account option in the settings.

Final Impression: Who Will Like This Poly Dating App

Feeld is not a typical dull dating site; it is one of the leading global polyamorous dating apps with its current 2 million user base worldwide. The application allows searching for matches that are close to you. The primary audience of Feeld is the USA residents. Some people call Feeld a tinder for couples. The portal indeed has a lot of similarities to the iconic Tinder. Its peculiar difference is that it connects singles and couples, searching for threesome dating and other erotic experiments.

As one of the leading dating sites for couples and singles, Feeld welcomes men and women who are not shy to reveal their sexuality and make their deepest sexual fantasies come true. The app user base includes people of 20+ gender identities and sexual orientations. People searching for a lasting relationship will not find a life partner on this portal. However, if you already have a partner, you can register on Feeld with him/her and try something new to spice up your sexual life. Those who search for a legitimate and reputable poly dating app, where they can connect with the hottest polyamorous singles and couples, will find what they want on Feeld.

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