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GirlsDateForFree Review: What You Need to Know?

GirlsDateForFree Review: What You Need to Know?
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 67%
Popular Age 27-35
Profiles 156 300
Reply Rate 64%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 6.8
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is completely free of ads.
  • There is a 3-day free premium trial for new male members.
  • Safe mode for security and privacy
  • Videos add a touch of distinctiveness to profiles on the platform
  • Affordable premium plans
  • Life-time free features for standard members
  • No mobile app
  • Nonchalant support team
  • Fake and redundant profiles littered on the platform
  • Live chat restricted to premium members
  • Canceling subscription or membership is strenuous and complicated.

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Online dating sites are an industry on their own. Considering the rate at which new ones keep springing up from different angles, one is spoiled with options to choose from. Today, we’ll be looking at Girls Date For Free, an online dating platform with a ton of promising features.

Is Girls Date For Free for you?

Compared to the torrent of competitions, what does it do differently to meet women online?

We will elaborate on everything in this article.

To start with, if you’re hoping to find someone to kick-start a serious relationship, Girls Date For Free is not for you. We rate it a hookup site for flings and causal relationships, considering the interests of members on the platform. As the name aptly implies, girls date for free and can gain access to all premium features of the site at no cost whatsoever. This is to attract more female members to the site. On the other hand, men can only access the basic features of free membership. More advanced features of the sites are only available to men on paid membership.

Audience Structure

GirlsDateForFree Review

With 100,000 active members and over 350,000 monthly visits to the site, Girls Date For Free is certainly a not-so-popular dating platform to meet women online. On the bright side, you can’t chat with thousands of people, can you? You will find various profiles of different categories on the platform. This diversity is structured to find profiles peculiar to your interests and location.

Is there any specification? (gay dating, adult dating, christian dating, etc.)

Girls Date For Free is not an ideal option if you are looking for same-sex relationships. It is a platform for males looking for females for relationships or hookups.

Geographical Structure

About 36,000 among the 100,000 number of active members on the platform are from the United States. Other members you’ll find on the platform are mostly from Australia, the United Kingdom, and India. There are other members from other parts of the world, but making a match will be difficult due to location differences.

Ethnic structure

From native Americans, Caucasians, to Latinas, you will find people of different backgrounds on the site. Testing out the website, we found that there is quite a large number of Latinas, which is surprising because one-third of the members are from the United States.

Age structure

To use Girls Date For Free, you have to be, at least, 18-year old. Given this, you will find people between age 18 to 55. There are more women between age 25-34, while there are more men between age 35-44. Alternatively, there are low numbers of men from age 55 upwards, while there are low numbers of women between ages 18-24.

Gender structure

With the privilege granted to females on the site, you can expect them to make a larger percentage of the site’s gender population. However, you’ll be disappointed to find out that there are five-times more men than girls on the site. Why is it so? We can’t say for sure. Perhaps, the marketing team has been more successful at converting more male leads than females.

Sexual orientation

GirlsDateForFree orientation

Girls Date For Free is a dating site for straight men to meet girls online, but don’t be surprised if you receive requests and messages from gay people. There are quite a number of them hanging around on the site.

Getting started: Girls Date For Free Sign Up

A fast and stress-free signing up process is the key to quickly converting a potential member on any dating site. The GirlsDateForFree sign up is nothing to write home about. Be that as it may, you still have to sign up anyway.

Information You’ll Have To Provide

On the sign-up page, you’ll be asked to provide a ton of information, some of which will be:

  1. What you’re looking for (man, woman, others)
  2. Your birth date
  3. Email address
  4. Password.
  5. Information about your city and zip code will be automatically detected and filled in the appropriate text bar.

Verification process

After filling out your information on the GirlsDateForFree sign up page, a confirmation link will be sent to your provided email account. You will have to open this email and click the link to complete your account opening.

Time it takes to get approved

As pointed out earlier, the verification process and time on GirlsDateForFree.com is great pain in the neck. After filling out your information, which on its own should take 5 to 10 minutes, you may still have to wait another 10 minutes to get the confirmation link in your email. Many users have reported this frustrating slow-walk to the support team. But we reckon behind that help desk are a bunch of lackadaisical folks who simply can’t wait for the next payday. However, if you still don’t get a confirmation link after 10 minutes, you might want to check your spam folder as it should most certainly be there.

GirlsDateForFree Account

GirlsDateForFree Account

Each account on Girls Date For Free is a bit distinctive as there are a ton of customization options to polish and add a fine tune to your account. This helps the site algorithm to bring up people peculiar to your filled-out information.

GirlsDateForFree Profile Structure

After completing your account registration, you can navigate to the “My Profile” section to add more information about yourself. You can use “Describe Yourself” textbox to tell potential dates about yourself with a few sentences.

Besides, you’ll be asked to provide more information to help the site’s algorithm get the best search results for you. You can choose to dedicate some minutes to this if you’re patient. Otherwise, you can skip the entire process and dive into the site’s broad hemisphere. Note that you can always come back to fill out this information later.

Each profile on Girls Date For Free has an ID (code name). This is what the admins use to easily find, filter, and sanction when there are issues.

You can add a photo to your account as the main profile picture. Every member of the platform will be able to see this photo. Additionally, you can add a maximum of 20 more photos on your profile. From friends to the public, you can customize who sees these photos. However, every photo you upload will go through a strict approval process. This is to ensure that fake pictures or pictures of celebrities are not stolen from the internet. If an image happens to be stolen or fake, it will be rejected. We reckon this a great addition and should curb the number of fake profiles to some extent.

Furthermore, you can add a touch of class to your profile by adding a video that tells potential dates or hookups about yourself. The video must not exceed 30 seconds, and every member of the platform can view it.

As pointed out earlier, Girls Date For Free uses a flexible algorithm to bring updates that match your interests. When browsing through profiles, you will find people who are your match. However, this is only possible if you’ve filled out everything and answered every question on your profile. For this reason, we recommend that you commit some time doing all that. Otherwise, the profiles that will appear on the homepage may not tickle your fancy.

Basic Search Features

On Girls Date For Free, the number of search filters you get access to depends largely on the type of your account. As a standard member using the site for free, there are limits to the filters you can use. You are only allowed to search for people by location, gender, as well as age bracket. You will have to upgrade to a premium account to get more search options.

Advanced Search Features

GirlsDateForFree Features

If you’re operating a premium account, you will be able to access more robust filters to search for people. You’ll be able to search for people by date of registration, ethnicity, profession, time spent online, hobbies, etc. You should be aware that being too specific with the filters will lead to you not getting any results at all. Streamline the use of filters and use only the ones you deem very necessary.

Matching Process

Finding a match on GirlsDateForFree.com is pretty simple. After you’ve provided enough information on your profile, people that will visit your homepage will be able to view info about you. A quick overview of each person’s information is displayed on their profile. For example, a profile may have information such as :

  • Female
  • 23
  • Waveland Mississippi, United States
  • New User
  • I’m interested in men.

The above should give you a rough idea of what to expect from a person. Furthermore, clicking on the profile will reveal more details.

Getting in touch

The free members and paid members can get in touch with other members using different means of communication available. Free members can send winks, while the premium members can send emails, talk live, access instant messenger, and even send icebreakers. Meeting out at a restaurant or in a hotel is always a better option when dealing with call girls near me once you get comfortable.

Chat Features & Interface

Now, let’s talk about the engagement system on Girls Date For Free. It won’t be winning any award as there is nothing that blows the competitions out of the water. We find it annoying that standard members are limited to some features. Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of chat features which should serve as compensation for users on the free membership.


First, there is a feature termed “Wink.” You can send this to a person to indicate that you’re interested in them. If the person winks back, then rejoice for you’ve tickled someone’s fancy.


Secondly, there is another girls chat feature termed “Icebreaker.” The icebreaker feature includes a ton of pre-written messages which you can send to a person quickly. While this feature was brought up in good fate, we find it a bit redundant as typing short texts such as “Hey! Beauty” should be effortless as plucking petals of flowers for anyone. To worsen it, users on free membership can only send five of these pre-written short messages per day, and then each to one account only. You might want to consider upgrading to a premium account if you use this feature often.


Besides, available is a feature named “FastFlirts.” This one is more like the “Icebreaker.” However, the difference is that you have to type in a short, quick message yourself manually. To be honest, except for the “Wink” feature, we certainly don’t see how both the “Icebreaker” and “FastFlirt” are necessary when chatting with a girl online. A user on free membership might not agree with this, given that they have no access to use the live chat feature. However, as a paid member, you can simply jettison these features and just dive into the live chat instantly.

Note: You can send emails to a member to take your conversation outside the platform. But we doubt if anyone will need this feature.

Live Text Chat

Most importantly, there is a live chat feature with which you can chat with girls in real-time. Compared to other dating platforms we’ve tested in the past, we find the live chat a bit too generic and lacking in innovation. Other than sending regular messages, we were able to see if someone is online or offline, as well as the last time they were online. On the bright side, the user interface is intuitive and a bit responsive. There is no dark mode to protect your eyes at night, like on some other dating sites.

Chat Rooms

Lastly, you can also chat with girls in various chat rooms (group conversations) littered about the platform. Members can engage themselves within the group, discuss topics, and play games. You can even directly message a girl online from there if they tickle your fancy.

Is GirlsDateForFree Safe?

GirlsDateForFree Safe

One of the major concerns of any user of a dating site is privacy, data protection, and other things that pertain to security. Although the site is almost entirely safe to use, the number of fake profiles parading the site is a cause for worry, especially fake female profiles. We can’t say for sure if this is done by members of the platform to lure and swindle other unsuspecting members. The owners of the platform might do so to attract more male members.

Data Privacy and Protection

The terms and conditions of Girls Date For Free broadly state that except for information such as gender, which are necessary for public display, every other information you provide on the platform is protected and can’t be leaked. For this reason, you’re equipped with a ton of customization options to set data that is made available to the public and who can see them.

Safe Mode

To enjoy better privacy and protection, there is a safe mode feature available for you to activate. It is available in two options, which are termed basic and full, respectively. The basic safe mode will prevent accounts identified as suspicious from appearing on your search results and also make them unable to contact you with any chat features. Alternatively, the full safe mode is available to only premium members, which will enable only accounts identified as trusted to contact you. Note that the safe mode is only available to male members, whether they are operating a free or premium account.

Are There Many Scum Profiles?

As mentioned earlier, you will come across many redundant and fake profiles on Girls Date For Free. For this reason, we strongly recommend always using safe mode. This way, you can prevent these bogus accounts from contacting you when you want to meet girls online. Also, you should be wary of the information you reveal when dealing with members on the platform. You should never reveal information about your credit card or banking details to any member on the site.

How is it moderated (How does the brand deals with scum profiles)

Thankfully, GirlsDateForFree has a system that helps identify suspicious activities carried out on any profile. What criterion they use to identify this is unknown, but we reckon that there is still room for improvement. There are a lot of fake profiles on the platform. On some occasions, we found multiple duplicate accounts.

Help & Support

GirlsDateForFree Support

If there was a word to qualify the customer support service of Girls Date For Free, it’s definitely “Poor.” It takes them a lot of time to resolve issues just as much as it takes them to respond at all. While many users may experience this slow-walk in response time, it is still important that the support service goes through a general overhauling.

Website Usability

The general user interface and layout of Girls Date For Free looks a bit dated. It’s not fair to compare it to that of popular dating platforms that pump thousands of dollars into polishing the website’s interface. However, a general overhauling of the UI wouldn’t render anyone broke.

Talking about color, the site has a tone of gray and plain white. Navigating through the site can be a bit challenging because some features and segments are difficult to locate. For this reason, we recommended that you ransack every nook and cranny of the site. You might not know certain features are wasting away at a corner.

Is There a Mobile App for GirlsDateForFree?

When searching for a mobile app for Girls Date For Free, we found there were no apps. Neither the Google Play Store nor the Apple App Store has it in its catalog. Since the site clearly states that there is a GirlsDateForFree app, our only explanation for its non-availability is that it has been removed from both stores. Not to worry, though, the site is pretty lightweight, fast, and can be accessed from any mobile device, using your proffered web browser. Chrome and UC Turbo are highly recommended for the optimal experience.

Membership Options

GirlsDateForFree Options

Earlier in this article, we pointed out that Girls Date For Free is one of the free dating sites for women and that membership is completely free for them. Men can either choose to upgrade their account to premium or continue using the site for free.

GirlsDateForFree Free Version

After successful registration for free online dating site, it gives its new members a 3-day free trial of the site’s premium features. After that, they will only be able to:

  • Send winks
  • See who’s online
  • Access group chats
  • See who viewed their profile
  • Search and view profiles
  • Send a limited number of icebreakers

Premium Features

  • Live text chat
  • Email
  • Fastflirts
  • Girls Date For Free poll
  • Games and puzzles
  • Meet me today
  • Wink
  • Group chats
  • Icebreakers

GirlsDateForFree: Plans and Pricing

There are no separate plans on Girls Date For Free. The pricing is very straightforward, and compared with the competitions, it is pretty much affordable. The pricing is as follows:

  • One month subscription costs 23.99 USD
  • Three months subscription costs 53.97 USD
  • Six months subscription costs 65.94 USD

Cancelling GirlsDateForFree subscription and deleting profile

Annoyingly, both processes are cumbersome and long. When canceling your subscription, you’re asked to provide your password, confirm that you’re canceling your subscription, and then asked the reason for the cancellation. After that, you’re directed to call an operator number to complete the process. The option to delete your account is under settings in “My profile.” You’ll go through almost the same process as canceling your subscription.


While there’s almost nothing that Girls Date For Free offers that particularly stands out, it scores a few good points, especially when we consider that it’s free of ads, affordable, and a bit accessible for users on a free membership. However, most members on the site don’t want to talk to girls online free and are on the lookout for flings and casual sex. If that interests you, you might have a good time investing time and money on the site. Although there are more women than women, you will most likely find a match. So, good luck with your date hunting.

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