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LargeFriends Review – Best Love or Worst Scam?

LargeFriends Review – Best Love or Worst Scam?
About Site
Active Audience 89%
Quality Matches 85%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 8.1
Popularity 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • They have a diverse number of BBW and BHM. There are people from different nationalities, cultures, and religions, which leads its members to choose from a wide variety.
  • The website is straightforward to use, even if you are a complete beginner at using dating sites. They provide you guidance on how to use the site in the beginning.
  • Largefriends.com makes sure there is a friendly environment, which is why they monitor the actions of each member and are open to any queries by the users
  • There are excellent security and privacy policies
  • There may be the occurrence of technical errors on the website sometimes, which can lead to loading taking too much time, which can be a little tedious. But frequent maintenance by the support team prevents this from happening too much.
  • Free members are unable to initiate conversations with other members.

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This review is to give you a full description of this spectacular dating site. This dating website specifically for men who love voluptuous females and women who are looking for plus sized men. This site aims to provide beautiful big women and beautiful handsome men a platform where they can find more people like them who understand them and see their beauty, which lies on their bodies. Large friends dating is a friendly, loving, and fun experience for those looking for hookups or even for those who want a serious relationship and a lifelong commitment. Not everyone can see the beauty which lies in plus sized men and women, which is why a lot of them are not confident in meeting new people or engaging themselves in dating. This dating website is hence a place where these shy people can feel at home by being in an environment where they feel accepted, cared, and loved. Here, they find other big beautiful women and big handsome men who have been wanting to feel more comfortable and loved in their skin. Everyone needs some romance in life. They intend to match two perfect plus-sized people with each other so they can engage in the act of love. This review will give you a complete description that would help to choose the dating site, which would be the most suitable for you.

This is an amicable dating website that connects people from all around the world. In this way, users can know the personalities and stories of different people. The site has unique features such as a homepage of a blog where users can post their thoughts, stories, experiences, suggestions, and etcetera. Here, users may also see the success stories of other members, which are proof of its authenticity. Other members can also comment on your post to give their opinions and advice if you are a little less confident about finding your significant other. This dating site also creates a support system as other members may show support and motivate, self-esteem boosting comments on your blog posts. The website contributes to the excellent environment on this site as it makes the users feel that there are people out there who are listening to you and care for you. At www.largefriends.com, you can find plus-sized lovers and friends and become part of a supportive community. It also has a spark and reverses matching features, which we will further discuss in this review.

Many other dating websites inspired the idea for this new website. Apart from the fact that this website is for men who love BBWs and women who love BHMS, they also support the LGBTQ community by allowing same-sex online dating. This way, big beautiful lesbians and big handsome gays can engage in dating as well contribute towards creating an online LGBTQ supportive community. This is what enhances the dating experience here and differentiates it from other websites.

We would further go into details in this review to show you why this has been such a successful dating site and has grown its number of members in the past few years. If you are looking forward to a unique, comfortable dating experience, keep reading because this review will surely help you decide to sign up on the right dating website.

Audience Structure What About the Members?


They have more than 60,000 members visiting the website globally and more than 14,000 active members weekly. This significant amount of audience mainly belongs between the age bracket of the mid-20s and 40s. The youth aging from 25-35 is more interested in having the dating experience. The majority of the members are native English speakers belonging to European countries such as America and Australia. However, some Asian countries, such as China and Singapore, also record many members using the website. There is a diverse audience on this online dating site.

The Specific Dating at Largefriends

As the name suggests, this is a website made explicitly for large-sized men and women. It is to ensure that two people who are like minds and find the plus size more beautiful and attractive can meet each other. The men who love BBWs would be able to see all the plus-sized beauty at one platform. Largefriends.com is a niche, so only big sized people are allowed to sign up on it. Opposite and same-both types of dating is permissible among the members. Members have to be at least 18 or above to be eligible to sign-up.

Which Country Residents can Sign-up?

The best thing about being a member of this site is that big sized people from worldwide can join it. Its full accessibility is the reason behind the great diversity of large friends. Due to this, the members can interact with large-sized people, which they might not have been able to find in person. A more significant support community is developing on the website, and people from various areas would read your blog posts and comment on them.

Ethnic Diversity

LargeFriends diversity

On this site, they aim to create a friendly, accepting platform where plus-sized men and women from all cultures, religions, and races are welcome to feel at home and become a part of the community. It is why the ethnic structure is very diverse. They create no boundaries between plus-sized people. You may never know your possible lover would belong to a different culture but would be the most loving and perfect match you could have ever found. The different cultures of your significant other may make your life more exciting, and you would want to spend more time knowing about their lifestyles or religion.

Age Group of Members

The ages of members are between the ages of 20s and 40s. Most youth members on this website look forward to spending their lives with someone

Gender Structure

There is diversity, so there are both male and female members on this dating site. The male members on this website are more than the female members but not from a high percentage. The male members are only 5% more than the female members.

Sexual Orientation. Are Members Given Preference Freedom?

Largefriends.com is highly successful in its friendly environment. It could not have been possible without it being a socially acceptable place for all members. They acknowledge the different sexual preferences that their members may have. Heterosexual, Bisexual, and Homosexual, all of them can engage in matchmaking online. They have the option of choosing your sexual preference, and so they will find you a match according to your sexual preference. Your sexual orientation will be considered and respected on this dating site; it is why many plus-sized people belonging to the LGBTQ community are a part of this site.

Is it Easy? Largefriends Sign-up

LargeFriends sign-up

The signup process is straightforward, simple, and only requires 15 minutes. First, you would have to simply enter on the website about who you are and what is the preference you want. There are three basic levels you have to go through to sign up

  1. Create your profile by adding general information.
  2. “Uploading a picture,” which would be essential to verify your account. It is crucial as your verification depends on the approval of this photo.
  3. The “about you and your match” is the step where you put your description. It helps in matchmaking as it tells about your personality. The site, later on, helps you set up your story, so it’s okay if you can’t write an attractive description right away. You also have to add a photograph of a preferred match, as this would help indicate your liking.

Information Required for Sign-up

LargeFriends sign-up

At the first stage of the signup process, you have to add some necessary information about yourself. This required information includes: Who you are, who you’re looking for, ethnicity, where you live, height, current relationship status, Email, phone number, eye color, hair color, and your actual name, username, and create a password which would be used for your largefriends login.

Verification Process. Is it Complicated?

The verification process is simple, but you have to fulfill all the steps rightfully to have your account safely verified. After you have added all your information, uploaded a picture, and made your profile description, a verification code will be sent to your email account. This code will consist of six digits. You are required to fill the six*digit code on the website within ten minutes to ensure verification.

Time it Takes for Account Approval

Before the account approval, you have to get your picture approved, and that may take a few hours. But after picture approval and completion of all the sign-up stages, you have to get your account verified for which you have to fill the code on time. Some profiles get suspended immediately, so verify your contact information and upload a clear photograph. This way, your account will be approved right away after successful verification.

Largefriends Account

After your account gets created, you can begin finding your matches. A blog where you can see other members’ date ideas, thoughts, reviews, etc. You can send them chats, winks, and e-greeting cards also. But you can’t initiate conversations in a free account.

Largefriends Profile Interface. What to Add?

There is some optional information that you can put about yourself on the website such as preferred body type, smoking & drinking habits of partner preference, income, education, religion.

Your profile description has to be attractive to have more matches. The about me section allows you to write up to 2000 characters about yourself. Write features about yourself, which make you look exciting and unique. You also can write a description of your preferred match. The website itself helps you write your profile description as well.

You can write exciting captions with your pictures as well. The uniqueness of these captions can make you stand out at www.largefriends.com.

Largefriends Navigation

LargeFriends navigation

After adding your preference, your suitable matches are shown. One by one, you can go through a profile using the spark feature and save the ones you like in your favorites. By doing this, it makes you easy to focus on one profile at a time, and also, if you like a profile, you wouldn’t miss it, but it would be saved in your favorites. After the users are done skimming through their profiles, they can contact their favorite members.

Basic search features

The basic features for searching results are putting in the preferred range of age, wanted gender, and the location where you would want the results to be members to be residing in.

Advanced search features

If you are picky, or just want your significant other to have some specific features, then using the advanced search options would make your dating experience even more enjoyable. Advanced features include Eye color, height, ethnicity, body preference, willingness to shift, and putting keywords.

Matchmaking Process

After you have set your profile, you can start engaging in the matchmaking process by putting your preferred filters in the navigation bar. Then the website would show results according to your filled in preferences. The matches would have the features you chose. You can one by one go through each match and then message them if you’re interested.

Getting in touch

If you’re interested, you can send a message using the easy and quick message option on largefriends. However, only the premium members are allowed to initiate conversations.

Fun chat features and cool design

They have a variety of chat features, which makes interacting on this website even more enjoyable. You can send winks to other members, which is a sign of interest and a way of flirting. You can send virtual greeting cards and roses. You can respond or email other members.

Is largefriends Safe?

It is considered a very safe site. Its customer reviews suggest that customers have not faced an issue regarding the safety of their credit card information.

Data Privacy And Protection

LargeFriends privacy

The site has been successfully operating for a decade, and there have been no issues regarding the leaking of personal data. Largefriend.com ensures the protection of data and privacy of all its members.

Are there many fake profiles?

The website management does a very strict check on profiles when signing up. Photo is required to verify the ID, and that takes hours sometimes to get approved. Later on, the contact information is verified as well. Many profiles get suspended immediately if they feel something is suspicious. There may be a few fake profiles, so you should stay careful, but otherwise, this site has a very low proportion of fake profiles compared to other dating sites.

How does Largefriends moderate fake profiles?

They also keep a very strict check on the signing up of profiles in the first place, so this prevents the making of fake profiles anyways. But if somehow, fake profiles are still made, they still monitor activities of members, and any suspicious activity leads to a suspension of the account.

How Responsive is the Customer Service?

The support team of Largefriends is highly responsive to emails and takes quick actions on any complaints by members. Any issue with a member can be reported to them, and they’ll do a check on their account. Largefriend.com’s success is backed up by its very responsive support team.

Website Design & Usability

LargeFriends design

This is very easy to use the website. Moreover, they recently made very good changes to the website. A brand*new homepage and theme color was changed to blue. The new interface attracted more than 12000 new members. The website’s structure and design stand out among other dating sites.

Is there a Largefriends app?

They do have an app on the Apple app store. But currently, it does not have an app on google play store.

Subscriptions Offered

They offer a premium subscription that unlocks a better dating experience by offering various advanced features.

Largefriends free account features

  • You can respond to messages and emails sent to you
  • You can verify your details such as occupation, age, education, income, etcetera.
  • Upload and add captions on your pictures

About the Premium Subscription

LargeFriends premium subscription
  • Users can initiate conversations by sending messages first.
  • Able to view videos of other members.
  • Search history is saved.
  • Remove searches you dislike.
  • Profile appears at the top of other member’s searches.
  • Can perform more advanced searches.

Largefriends pricing. Is it expensive?

1 month-$29.95

3 months-$19.98

6 months-$95.95

1 year-$143.95

Cancelling Largefriends Subscription and Deleting Profile

You can cancel your premium subscription on largefriends before your renewal period starts. You can also turn off the automatic renewal option to avoid your subscription being renewed without permission. If your subscription got renewed already, call or email the customer service immediately for a refund.

For deleting your account:

  1. Go to settings on the website or the app.
  2. Click the “membership” option.
  3. Choose the option of “disable an account.”
  4. Click the delete account.

After doing these steps, enter your password to complete the process of deleting your account.


LargeFriends Conclusion

This means you have been considering signing up on a dating website if you read this review. This review is to help you make a decision you would not regret. It would be appropriate to say that this site is without a doubt, the topmost BBW website on the internet. It has very low fake profiles. It is easy to use for everyone, has a simple yet stylish web design, unique chatting features, and a friendly environment. There are so many different types of people here that you are sure to find someone to your liking. The big handsome men and curvy women on this website are not only beautiful from the outside but also the inside. They are very friendly and are looking forward to a loving, committed relationship and even marriage. If someone shows interest in you here, they are most likely to want to move further into a relationship and create this world a better, happier place for both of you. This site has a very high success rate. From men looking for large-sized men to women trying to find other voluptuous beautiful women, there are all kinds of people here meeting the love of their lives every day. This site would help you find the love you have been searching for in your life. It is a great platform that is worth your money, time, and efforts. Here, you would not feel left out or uncomfortable. But instead, you would feel peaceful in your heart. This site provides a safe and fun dating experience. At Largefriends.com, you will be given the wonderful treatment which you had been longing for.

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