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Millionairematch Review: Things to Know Before Getting Started

Millionairematch Review: Things to Know Before Getting Started
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 26-28
Profiles 1 800 000
Reply Rate 86%
Ease of Use 7.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website verifies its users’ income and grants special badges to the wealthy.
  • Feel free to look for a partner via an easy-to-use phone app.
  • The service has a roughly equal proportion of men and women.
  • The platform is ad-free to ensure the 100% immersion into the world of online dating.
  • Even with a free profile, you can wink at 50 millionaires daily to let them know you’re interested.
  • Sign in with Facebook and start exploring other profiles immediately.
  • It works – the service has got numerous positive reviews and happy endings.
  • Want to become a certified millionaire? Prove that you earn at least $200,000 annually and provide an ID.
  • There’s no video chat to socialize with your future date.
  • This website is relatively pricey if compared to similar services.
  • People report numerous bugs in the application, so you’ll probably have to use the desktop version.
  • Although replying to messages is possible for free, you can’t initiate a chat without a paid subscription.

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Launched in 2001, millionairematch.com, or simply MM, has been prospering on the market since then. It provides an opportunity to start a serious, committed relationship with someone successful and attractive – just like you are. Here you’ll have the pleasure to meet prosperous lawyers, CEOs, investors, doctors, supermodels. And all of them look forward to finding their better half; maybe it’s you?

What Kind of Audience You Should Expect

Millionairematch Review: Things to Know Before Getting Started

As you’ve already guessed, this website is a mecca for the rich and attractive. Let’s take a closer look at how the audience distributed. You’ll get to know, among other things, what countries are registered on the website and how typical old users are. As a result, you’ll understand whether you meet the criteria and also whether Millionaire Match is the right place to look for your special someone.

Specification: millionaire dating site

The dating site positions itself as a romantic platform for the rich, but it’s not limited to millionaires only. «Millionaire» certification is possible even with an income of $200,000 annually. But not everyone earns their fortune, right? How does one join the millionaire club having inherited a pretty penny? Heirs have their chance, too. Even without a stable income, if you can prove your net assets at $1 million and above – welcome to the elite club!

The website encourages visitors to sign up only if they are either wealthy or incredibly attractive. And it’s still possible to register and date a millionaire without proof of income. But in this case, the service won’t pin a diamond logo to your profile that indicates a certified millionaire.

The geography of visitors

The majority of users, 2.6 million people out of around 4.5 million in total, come from the USA. And according to the stats, the USA actually tops the list of world countries with the largest number of millionaires. A coincidence? We don’t think so.

However, Millionaire Match expands its services beyond the states. Nearly 40 nations of the globe are welcome to become members of the luxury club for singles. A lot of people on the site come from Great Britain, Canada, Germany, or Japan. That’s pretty impressive geography.

What ethnic structure you can expect

White Americans are the most frequent visitors to MM. But since the members come from a variety of countries, here you can connect with African Americans, Indians, Asians, and representatives of other ethnic groups across the globe.

Age distribution

  • Most singles, around 36% of total users, are in their mid-forties to mid-fifties.
  • 24% of people are in the mid-thirties – mid-forties.
  • 20% are 55+.
  • 16% are in the mid-twenties – mid-thirties.
  • And only 4% are under 25.

These statistics roughly correspond to the age distribution of wealthy Americans on the whole, so the figures aren’t surprising.

Gender ratio

Millionairematch Review: Things to Know Before Getting Started

We’re used to uneven distribution between men and women on dating sites. And a lot of people would expect MM to be no different. New visitors imagine countless female profiles looking for a millionaire sugar daddy, but prepare to be surprised! Here you’ll find an approximately equal number of men and women. And that’s the strong suit of this service.

What’s true, however, is that the majority of Certified Millionaire profiles do belong to men. Also, most men purchase paid membership. And finally, on the Members’ Luxuries page, you’ll predominantly see men’s posts. By contrast, women are significantly more active on the Blog and Forum.

Sexual preferences

The website primarily focuses on opposite-sex relationships. But same-sex match making is available as well – just hit the respective button in the search questionnaire, and you’ll target the well-suited profiles. Bisexual relationships also approved by the site.

Getting Down to Business: Millionairematch Sign Up

The most exciting part begins – we’ll find out how to create a profile on MM. Learn what type of info is obligatory, how to verify or certify a profile, and how long it normally takes.

Information required for registration

Registration shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Two types of sign up are offered: via Facebook or a standard one, via email. Email verification is essential since it grants access to the website’s features.

At the very first stage, new members have to provide some key information, including their name, age, and gender. Here you’ll also need to specify the gender that you’re looking for. When it’s done, pick out a username. It can’t reveal your real name, though, so feel free to get creative.

How profiles are verified

The service we’re zooming in on has an exceptional reputation for security and transparency. So it comes as no surprise that on this millionaires match maker site, the entered information is subject to moderation on various stages. Let’s dwell on each one separately.

  • Email and phone verification is the very first step of gaining membership.
  • Basic profile verification is mandatory for the profile to go live and become available in search results. Anonymous users aren’t welcome here, and all «suspicious» profiles get suspended by moderators.
  • Advanced profile verification is optional and includes checking your ID, education, and employment documents. It gives you a special «verified» icon. By the way, photos can get verified, too.
  • The ultimate level is income verification that results in the Certified Millionaire badge and an appealing diamond symbol. What documents required for this type of check? Your ID plus a tax return or bank statement. Solely premium members have access to this feature.

Getting approved: Waiting period

Millionairematch Review: Things to Know Before Getting Started

The service advertises approval within 24 business hours; this applies not only to profiles but also to photos since they undergo moderation as well. Sometimes the process might be delayed. If that’s the case, the website recommends getting in touch with their customer support representatives on the phone.

These are official deadlines, but customers claim that usually, everything happens way faster. Profiles and photos can get approved in a matter of several hours. Don’t waste a single minute of your life.

Millionairematch Account: Welcome to the Service!

So, you’ve got an email stating that your profile has approved. Congrats! Now you’re one step closer to a dream relationship with someone «from your circle.»

Before starting a match hunt, you’ll need to let the service know as much as possible about yourself. In this way, you boost the chances of locating an ideal partner, which is the actual reason we’re here.

What’s on your MillionaireMatch profile

This millionaire matchmaker service includes a rather thorough questionnaire for new members to fill in. You can’t use the site before indicating the following parameters: country, zip code, level of income, height, body type, ethnic origin, and relationship status.

Recently registered members will also have to upload a profile picture. Don’t think about uploading a random image from the Internet. These get checked by moderators, as pretty much everything on this site. Then new customers are asked to write a paragraph, 50 characters or more, about themselves and at least as much about their ideal significant other. Longer descriptions are appreciated because they make a profile more personal and the search – more efficient.

Member profiles include four tabs: Profile, About me, Activities, Comments. The first two tabs concentrate on various personal details from appearance to the background to lifestyle and interests – both yours and those of your desired match. The third tab is about activities you’re interested in, and the fourth one is devoted to other users’ comments.

Millionairematch Search: Let’s Find You a Potential Partner

Millionairematch Review: Things to Know Before Getting Started

The service offers two types of search – standard for users with free profiles and advanced for the owners of Premium accounts. Manual browsing is possible too, and that’s the first thing you’d do after signing up. It lets you discover what kinds of singles are out there, on the other side of the screen, to decide whether the site hits the spot.

Millionaire Match also advertises reverse matches, and a service, included in the paid package that automatically filters other users and generates a list of people «like you.» This feature based on that everyone has to enter into their profile to get started on the site. In case you’re not satisfied with its suggestions, you can make some changes to your profile or give up on that feature and opt for the regular search.

Last but not least, plenty of people are frequent visitors to local blogs and forums designed for members to share their ideas and discuss all sorts of questions. Enjoy commenting on the posts and speaking your mind – more social interaction implies better chances of spotting just the right person. Moreover, getting familiar with someone’s writing might provide precious insight into their personality.

Basic search – basic features

Quick search designed for newcomers, and therefore it offers only primary filters, such as gender, age, and location. Location lets you select the country and the state. That’s pretty much it, but then again, we can’t expect much from a free subscription.

Once you’ve paid for a Premium membership on this millionaire dating site, that’s where the party begins. Premium access enables clients to search by some criteria that correspond to the information entered in the profile: income level, eye color, height, ethnicity, favorite music, and many more.

Pretty much every field from the profile can be used for careful match-making. That’s why the search results are highly accurate, but also could be scarce if you’re too picky and have set a huge number of filters. The website support team recommends broadening match criteria if you’re not getting enough suggestions.

Let’s Home in on the Matching Process

Searching for a match – that’s the whole idea behind the service. Whether you’re interested in rich men dating or finding a woman of your dreams, Millionaire Match has the basic set of features to facilitate the process. Having located a likely soulmate, what do you do next?

Establish a contact

Members have a vast list of tools to let someone know they’re interested. You can «wink» at another person or add them to your favorites, which pins a heart next to the liked profile. These features are at the disposal of free users as well. Posting comments on the Blog section is one more idea of how to come into contact with someone.

Premium members can go one step further and initiate a chat by sending the first message. Make sure the message is catchy to get the recipient intrigued and eager to answer. Even free members are allowed to send a response when someone texts them.

How does chatting work?

Unfortunately, millionairematch.com doesn’t provide a video chat, but Premium members enjoy unlimited standard chatting via text messages. Customers can take advantage of the following features:

  • messaging not merely on the website, but through the mobile app as well;
  • sending messages to;
  • permanently delete them from your and the recipient’s history;
  • checking if a message of yours has been read;
  • blocking a certain user to prevent them from writing to you again.

But overall, quite a few Millionaire Match reviews complain about the very basic chat features.

How Safe Is Millionairematch?

When sharing personal data with an online service, we’re naturally preoccupied with security concerns. The same applies to the service in question, especially considering that MM encourages its clients to submit sensitive personal and financial info. Should you be worried?

Data confidentiality on the website

Millionaire Match sticks to its Privacy Policy that presupposes a list of security measures necessary to safeguard its customer’s information. The dating service uses some precautions to prevent unauthorized access. However, the website admits that in practice security breaches can’t be 100% out of the question and therefore encourages its users to take reasonable care themselves. For instance, you should refrain from sending personal data through an insecure email.

Are scam profiles common?

MM values its reputation and constantly takes precautions to ensure your positive experience on the site. Since every profile gets checked before being published, scams aren’t that common here. For the utmost degree of security, get in touch only with those members who got their IDs verified. Or you could adjust the filters to see only Certified Millionaires’ profiles; by doing so, you can be sure that both their identity and income been checked by the service representatives.

Profile moderation

Scammer profiles get suspended by the administration. Having encountered a suspicious individual, you drop a line to the support team and report this user. MM appreciates your cooperation and even offers such incentives as bonus Premium membership.

Assistance and Support

Having troubles with millionairematch.com login? Want to report a scam? Need assistance in setting up the profile? Faced with billing or verification issues? MM support team is accessible via email, live chat, or on the phone. It assists clients regardless of their subscription status.

Is the Website Interface Convenient?

Millionairematch Review: Things to Know Before Getting Started

Visitors highly value ad-free space that allows for a full immersion into online dating. The interface is simple and intuitive, in sober colors. It’s pleasing to the eye, and nothing distracts from browsing through other people’s profiles.

MillionaireMatch app: dating at your fingertips

The service launched the Millionaire Match mobile app quite some time ago, but users keep reporting bugs and crashes that don’t seem to get fixed even with time. Occasionally the app wouldn’t let you register, favorite someone, or refresh search results. To make matters worse, it’s downright incompatible with some devices, and the reasons are unspecified. Taking into account that the app doesn’t offer any additional features but only mirrors those of the desktop website, we’d refrain from recommending it till all the bugs fixed.

Key Information About Membership

In our Millionaire Match review, we can’t disregard the membership specifics. Only two types of accounts are possible: free and Premium. Read on to find out whether it’s worth upgrading and how much that is.

MillionaireMatch free features

Upon signing up, every user gets to test the service with a small range of free features. Standard subscription is unlimited in time and provides the following opportunities:

  • to upload 26 public photos and as many private ones (visible only to those members whom you grant permission);
  • to carry out basic search;
  • to «like» other profiles;
  • to send winks – up to 50 daily;
  • to reply to messages after a Premium user initiated a chat with you;
  • to post comments on the Blog.

This should be enough to understand what kind of audience prevails on the service and whether you find it suitable and convenient.

What upgrading to Premium gives you

Becoming a Premium member gives access to the whole set of carefully designed features that transform the match-making experience into pure pleasure. Here are only some things Premium users can do:

  • initiate chats by themselves;
  • conduct detailed and super-detailed searches by as many parameters as you please;
  • request the Certified Millionaire status;
  • have fun with reverse matches;
  • get access to other people’s last millionairematch.com login time;
  • appear at the top of the list in search results;
  • check whether your messages have read;
  • request personal assistance of a MM counselor and account manager;
  • benefit from more rapid support and approvals (for example, for uploaded photos);
  • receive notifications about new members to be the first to connect.

According to MM stats, going Premium gives you 20 times more profile views, thus considerably boosting your chances of success. If you’re serious about looking for a match on this website, there’s no way around Premium.

MillionaireMatch Pricing: how much is online dating in 2020?

Customers are free to choose between three subscription options:

  • 1 month costs $70;
  • 3 months are $135;
  • 6 months are $240.

Note that the one-month membership renews automatically, while the other two options presuppose one-time payments.

Easy Steps to Cancel Millionairematch Subscription and Delete Your Profile

Millionairematch Review: Things to Know Before Getting Started

Already found your significant other? If you no longer want to be a member of the dating service, just go to the Settings section on the site. There, the button called «Membership» opens a menu allowing customers to cancel a subscription, stop auto-billing or delete the profile altogether. Your information remains in the database for two years after that, in case you change your mind and decide to reactivate the account.

Our Verdict

Although millionaire dating sites are numerous, only a few provide exceptional service, and Millionaire Match is definitely one of them. Having been on the market for two decades website has built an excellent reputation and received countless awards. Verified and certified profiles ensure that you know straight away what to expect and prevent you from running into scams. Millionairematch.com it’s a wonderful choice for wealthy clients who value their time and can’t wait to meet a soul mate.

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