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SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads

SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads
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Active Audience 57%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-27
Profiles 1 900 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.2
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is one of the most popular online dating sites for singles, and there are plenty of users to connect with.
  • It is relatively easy to sign-up with minimum hassle when creating your profile.
  • You easily make connections at the comfort of your couch.
  • It guarantees you an opportunity to match with a compatible single mom or dad.
  • Mobile app and the web interface are easy to navigate.
  • ConnectMe feature enables users to interact with potential matches via calls and texts.
  • The token system offers non-compulsory added features for subscribers with kids who wish an intense experience.
  • The site doesn’t offer much in terms of being a parent.
  • Users are obliged to reveal more information about kids and family.
  • Features are restricted without a paid membership.
  • The platform offers limited incentives compared to most paid online dating sites.
  • There is the stigma associated with this online platform because of being a single parent.

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Raising a baby is not a comfortable experience. Often it’s even more challenging for a single parent. Feelings of extreme concern, being anxious, besieged, and finding alone time can be quite hard. Dating with kids requiring the attention of young parentsis also hard, and that’s why this SingleParentMeet site may become the best decision for you.The website is a suitable platform to begin your search, being the most popular online dating service for the single-parent society. It exclusively purposes to connect single dads and moms with potential suitors, and also make friends, as it provides you with a safe, open-minded, and environment-friendly avenue.

The platform provides an excellent environment for a partner to find a potential match. It is very appropriate since members presume you already have kids hence no need to keep on explaining your status.

Reportedly, the site prides itself on numerous triumph testimonies of successful hookups. With many years in operation and a massive number of subscribers to back it up, could it be the most popular dating platform online? Read on to find out more about this exciting review, especially if you are looking for single mom dating apps.

How the Audience Is Structured?

SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads

This single parents dating site provides heterosexual partners with an avenue to meet their perfect match. For instance, a man interested in a single mother or a woman involved in a single dad type of relationship.

Specifics (Hint: One of the Best Dating Sites for Single Parent)

Additionally, this platform provides services to women who are interested in other women with kids. All you have to do is just have to specify the attributes your partner to have or the qualities you want her to possess.

This online dating site also targets single men who are interested in single men. One can create a profile and pick his selection, and a match will come up with the same qualities and interests that you want.

Geographical Details

The population distribution, according to the statistical survey at SingleParentMeet.com, is unevenly dispersed, with many partners and potential suitors willing and is ready to hook up with single parents. Moreover, single parents use this platform to aid in seeking love affairs and long term relationships.

SingleParentMeet.com boasts of more male subscribers compared to the female population. This is unlikely with any other online dating site. Furthermore, this dating platform for single parents is open for all the USA and Canadian citizens and is frequent 50,000 weekly active members.

Ethnic Information

This single parent dating platform is predominantly geared towards all ethnicity and cultural practices. It is designed to accommodate all races as long as you are a single parent and seeking to find a potential single mom or dad.

Regardless, you have an opportunity to search for a perfect suitor who matches your preference as the most popular background being dominated by people of Caucasian ancestry at 74 percent.

African-American comes second on this dating platform with 13 percent, followed by Hispanic people at 10 percent. Asian and other ethnic groups round up the statistics with two and one percent consecutively.

Age Structure on SingleParentMeet

SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads

Additionally, profiles on this dating platform are between the age brackets of 18 and 55. We observe a tie in the age demographics of 18-24, 25-34, and 45-54 years, with the highest population seen at 35-44 years. The least population includes single parents over 55 years.

Gender Structure Explained

Single parent meet platform is composed of both single dads and single mothers looking to find potential suitors for companionship, friendship, and a one-night stand. The gender structure comprises of 45 percent female gender while the male gender covers 55 percent of the population.

Sexual Orientation

This online single parent dating community serves both types of relationships, which include straight, gay, and lesbian. Members can either be single, separated, divorced, or widowed and are here seeking to have a taste of online dating. On the other hand, it provides a variety of relationships, from companionship to new mother and father figures to marriage.

Getting Started: How to Sign up on SingleParentMeet

Registering for an account is relatively easy and straight forward. You can choose the standard method and fill in a username and password, giving relevant and accurate information about yourself, and finally, provide an attractive photo for your profile. The second method is connecting through your other social media links.

After successfully signing up, you can access the Single Parent login page and explore all the crafted features of this site as you search for friends and sexual encounters. You are free to engage in erotic chats and also make new friends while seeking sexual satisfaction with beautiful users online, and with SingleParentMeet auto login feature it will be much convenient.

How Much Information Will You Have to Provide?

Subscribers can join by using a valid email address, create a username, and type in a secure password. Besides, the amount of details you are allowed to put in depends exclusively on you. The more information you provide, the more chances of you scoring a perfect match increase.

You will be asked to fill out a bio with more details describing who you are, and it is limited to 1250 characters. Your story should, however, be genuine, enticing, and should indicate your physical attributes, educational background, profession, religious beliefs, and your way of living.

Interestingly, a piece of the profile building procedure is that you can respond to the Personality Questions and My Top Interest to build a more efficient and convincing bio. This will improve your chances of being at the forefront of the competition with the single moms and dads.

Verification Process onSingleParentMeet Site

SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads

The approval time is instant. Immediately you finish up creating a profile, the account is ready, and you can begin your search for online partners. Your subscription is auto-renewal until you decide to do away with it. You can also terminate your premium payments at any moment. After the verification process is ready, you can use the SingleParentMeet login to enter the website quickly.

How Long Does It Take to Be Approved?

Depending on the speed of your computer and the internet service provider you are using, it should take less than a minute to have your account approved. When the email is sent, you can verify it from your end. The account is now ready, and you can start using the platform. In case you do not find the confirmation email sent to the inbox, you can check the spam section.

Creating a SingleParentMeet.com Account

Your profile account bears all the necessary information that you used while signing up. Your account can be accessed using an email address and the password you provided during the registration. You should not share your critical account information with anyone for security reasons as your information is private and confidential.

SingleParentMeetProfile Structure

The profile enables you to provide information that can allow one to know you better. It makes sure that you have provided every detail that is necessary for one to know precisely the type of person you are even without meeting. The profile is very important, as it makes the first impression on the type of person you are.

SingleParentMeet.com Search Options

SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads

The site enables you to search for potential partners you wish to link with much ease. Depending on your selection, you are directed to the page with all the options you have requested in your bio.

Basic Search Options

Thisdating site for single parents has a drop-down menu on which you can select on the type of search you want to conduct. You choose the option you want, run the search, and all the results related to what you have selected will be displayed from where you can go through one at a time until you find you perfect much.

Advanced Search Options

The site has advanced search features where one wants to search for a partner with particular qualities. You can choose from many filters, including zodiac, relationship expectations, smoking preference, ethnicity, appearance, location, profiles with photos only, personality test, etc. You can also choose to display the results as thumbnails and gallery.

The Matching Process on SingleParentMeet.com

Executing the contact process is hassle-free and straightforward on this platform. It functions similarly to writing text messages, where you can initiate private chats with potential partners. It is, however, important to note that instant communication is limited for free users, and only paid accounts have the privilege to enjoy unlimited features.

Moreover, the site still offers free features such as Send Flirts of Match/matches to help you establish an immediate connection with another member. Another thing, you also have several other options that can be used to link you up with a preferred match without necessarily initiating a text message.

Interestingly, paid subscribers can initiate and receive direct mails and chats, or resort to hiding their profile information whenever making a conversation with a potential single parent. But without these unique features, it is relatively impossible for non-subscribers to neither access instant replies nor make anonymous calls.

The platform has enabled you to access other user’s profiles; hence, you can make use of the ‘I’m interested’ feature and alert them of your interests. Immediately, the respondent will get a flirt notification, and SingleParentMeet.com will also inform them if you liked their photo.

If the member responds to your advances, you can later include them to your favorites and eventually initiate a chat with them. Also, users will get notified that you added them to your list of favorites, and then the opportune time comes when you are ready for a more serious conversation, you can upgrade to a paid account to initiate chat conversation.

Inappropriate messages with explicit content get blocked on this site. This platform prohibits materials such as spam links, solicitations, pornographic content, and abusive language.

Getting in Touch with Other Single Parents on SingleParentsMeet

During the sign-up process, new users do not necessarily require to put many details to complete the registration process. You only have to respond to all the basic questions needed for profile creation and identity verification.

The answers and information you provide on the Personality traits can be later be changed or updated to suit your new character. Besides, your photo is subjected to review by the administration before other members are allowed to view it.

Establishing a profile on this online dating platform is not a hard nut to crack. However, the amount of information you put up is directly congruent with the level of impression you are likely to develop over your competition. A more detailed profile will score you a chance with a potential single mother.

Furthermore, members’ profile pictures are visible to only the paid subscribers.

Therefore, if you want to meet single moms, just use the search function!

Chat Features and Interface On SingleParentMeet.com

SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads

Members of SingleParentMeet.com enjoy a variety of features when mingling with potential suitors. You will experience back to back unlimited chat moments with single mothers as you get to know each other. Additionally, both the web and mobile versions have a relatively easy interface to navigate. The platform uses simple language for communication and can be comfortably operated on by those who are not quite savvy.

Is SingleParentMeet Safe?

The dating site for single parents has proven to be safer in the recent past. The administration has established tight security around subscriber’s data.

SingleParentMeet Data Privacy and Protection

This online dating site has proven to be a reputable dating platform. SingleParentMeet encrypts your information and credit card details. Furthermore, it prioritizes the safety and security of users and has developed a verification process to enable a safe environment for members to engage in.

Are There Many Scam Profiles on SingleParentMeet?

Singleparentmeet has tried as much as possible to increase its security measures when it comes to account opening to reduce the number of scum profiles. There are several questions one has to answer to proof of one existence. This dating site is not free; hence, a lot of people do not operate the fake account as compared to free dating sites where one can open as many accounts as possible at no fee.

How Is SingleParentMeet Moderated?

Members can report suspicious profiles to the administrator. An internal audit is conducted, and if the profile is found to have breached the terms and conditions of the dating site, it is pulled down, and legal action may follow depending on the magnitude of the offense. This has made the site safe for members as any scum account that comes up is easily detected and deactivated.

How Does the SingleParentMeet Help and Support Team Work?

Single Parent Meet boasts of an excellent help and support team. You are free to engage a team of experts at any time of need, and feedback will follow up in due time to sort out your grievances. This team of experts offers swift response with a soft tonal-language as they guide you step by step through a solution up to your satisfaction.

The Design and Usability of SingleParentMeet.com

SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads

The SingleParent Meet online dating site for single mothers and fathers is simple and easy to navigate. The desktop computer design might appear challenging for starters, but it gets better with time.

The platform shares most functionality with the web one. However, the interface is relatively easy to interpret, especially for the less savvy users. Updating the profile and sharing photos with potential suitors is easy to do. This blend of simplicity and top-notch functionality is what makes SingleParentMeet a more fashionable online dating site.

Is There Any SingleParentMeet App?

Users often access their accounts through the mobile version. A higher percentage of members usually access their profiles through the app since it is very convenient.

Interact with potential suitors at the comfort of your palm on your cozy couch. It is easier to undemanding compared to the web version. In as much as both versions share more than enough similarities, the mobile app seems more organized and simple in terms of display and interface.

Moreover, the mobile app can be accessed from the Apple Apps store of the Google Play for iOS and Android devices consecutively and is free. This technological advancement is a relief since single parents are always on the move.

What Are the Membership Options on SingleParentMeet?

Users of SingleParentMeet.com are allowed to create a free account and also upgrade to a premium subscription to enjoy some of the exciting features on the platform.

SingleParentMeet Free VersionSubscription Features

Members of Single parent meet with free accounts can enjoy various features such as building a profile, going through potential matches, and adding some of your favorite photos to your account. Users also have an opportunity to access the search feature and browse through potential single parent matches as well as sending flirts and adding a like to photos.

Premium Features of SingleParentMeet

Members on SingleParentMeet.com enjoy a variety of exciting features. You can search through the ‘I’m interested’ section to look at attractive photos of potential single parents. Once interested, send a flirt to the other party, and they will acknowledge if they are interested in you too.

Single Parent Meet also features a ‘Promote Me’ section where users pay to give their profile a boost and appear more visible. You can purchase this token via bundle, and immediately your profile will appear on the top search.

Users of this platform can also get access to Virtual Gifts feature and be able to receive and send virtual gifts with potential suitors. This is one way to express how loving, thoughtful, and romantic you are to the single parent fraternity and increase your chances of securing a date.

Finally, SingleParentMeet.com introduced a ‘Notify Me’ feature where alerts are sent to you as soon as a potential match log in to their account.

Pricing on SingleParentMeet

SingleParentMeet Review: The Most Popular Dating Site for Single Moms and Dads

SingleParentMeet.com provides three unique premium subscription plans. Also, the site offers these premiums in a manner that encourages the regular participation of the users. Ranging from one month to six months, the subscribers are empowered to take advantage and make use of the long period and find a suitable match.

Moreover, this platform is equipped with an elaborate payment plan for the subscribers. When you pay $16.99 every month for this, you will be able to enjoy access to features such as viewing pictures of potential single parent soul mates or request photos from your match. You can also send and receive communication requests at all times and get notifications of matches who flirted with you through your profile with details of the time.

In case you are planning to upgrade to the extra package, your subscription will set you back a total of $13.02 a month. Besides, you can only subscribe for six months, and in the end, you will have paid a total of $7.64 per month.

Also, a one-time processing fee of $3.99 is charged to all new upgrades, and your payments will be reflected within 72 hours.

SingleParentMeet.com billing system accepts various payment methods to accommodate different kinds of subscribers. You can use Credit Cards and PayPal. All these payment methods are secure and are conveniently used in other online payment systems.

Canceling Your SingleParentMeet Subscription and Profile Deletion

When canceling your subscriptions, click on my account feature and proceed to view my account status link. Members, however, cannot get a refund. Besides, you can then proceed and deactivate your account by giving relevant answers to the set questions, then confirm cancelation.

Our SingleParentMeet Review Conclusion

Raising a baby is a challenging task that single parents undergo. Feelings of extreme anxiety for the sake of your child can be overwhelming. In addition to this, you must be able to provide care and teach your kid attributes that they can learn from the house. These are the major duties of parents.

A variety of features on SingleParentMeet are not available for the free membership. Initiating and receiving chat messages, for example, is only permitted to members with paid subscriptions. Therefore, to get most from this online platform, for instance, features such as unlimited texting with potential suitors, a new user ought to upgrade his membership.

Besides, SingleParents Meet offers a lump sum of features that you cannot access from any other online dating platform. They include receiving and sending virtual gifts, flirting whenever you come across an attractive profile, and getting notifications immediately a potential match appears online. Above all, SingleParentMeet.com has received quite positive reviews from both paid subscribers and other users in general.

This dating site guarantees premium subscribers a satisfactory experience and on over the edge service. You will be able to access amazing features and enjoy interactions with potential matches without fear of data loss. Those with free Single Parent Meet dating accounts also should upgrade to premium accounts to enjoy online dating. All in all, we recommend it, it’s one of those single parent dating sites that really focus on user experience!

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