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Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?
About Site
Active Audience 82%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 23-28
Profiles 1 600 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the high points of the dating site is that the registration process is fast and easy. New users don’t have to worry about some cumbersome tasks or requirements.
  • The website is fully featured and allows its users to upload, manage, and share photos, stories, and videos.
  • It also allows users to customize their kinds of ads. If they want to meet based on their specifications, they can put out an ad that has their own time and place. This way,they can have someone respond to it.
  • There is a wide selection of mediums from which users can communicate with each other. The user is sure to find a suitable one to communicate with private chats, public forums, and other swinger personals channels.
  • Swinging Heaven provides more exposure to their users. The user’s profile picture is visible to all the other users, and they don’t have to pay for that.
  • The user can leave his/her profile picture blank. This doesn’t help in making sure that all users are authentic. A slippery character can hide behind a profile that doesn’t have a real picture. Also, it gives room for laxity on the part of users, whereby they might create an account they don’t care much about.
  • Swinger Heaven does not have an app. This might be something that can change in the future. However, accessing Swinger Heaven from a browser sometimes feelsnot so ideal.
  • The number of profiles for single women is tiny. Statistically speaking, this makes the site less appealing, as it does a chore out of having to find swingers.
  • There is no refund on memberships. This is a huge deal-breaker for some users, as they might want out for one reason or another.
  • While the site is generally open to everyone from around the world, its feature set is only ideal for British swingers.

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Swinging Heaven is a UK-based dating site geared towards the swinger community. While it is primarily for UK swingers, its operations have been extended to countries such as South Africa, Canada, and Ireland. Its websites are localized and are used byswingers in the area. Everyone can access www.swingingheaven.co.ukfrom around the world. The sites are equipped with forums, chat rooms, and other social features for its increasing swinger population.

Who Are You Going To Meet Here?

Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

Swinger Heaven is a decently sized dating site, with a considerable amount of active audiences from several places.

Is There Space For Everyone?

It is a swinger dating site specifically for adults who consider themselves very sexually active, and as such, find similar other people in a safe community. They get to organize their activities and events in a controlled, discretionary environment.

Where Are The Users From?

Its reach is spread across the UK, USA, Australia, South Africa, and several other countries. It currently has an estimated 100,000 users from the US alone.

Swinging Heaven Ethnic structure

There are no specific ethnic peculiarities to the website. Also, there are no official numbers on the ethnicity of the users that have accounts on the site.

Are There People Of Your Age?

The predominant age range of the users on the site is 35-44 years. On a larger scale, they are between the ages of 18 through 55.

What About Gender?

60% of the site’s users are male, while the other 40% are female. There are no metrics for the others who identify with other genders.

Sexual orientation

Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

The site supports conventional and unconventional sexual preferences. This means that it is open to straight, gay, or bisexual users. Besides, fetishes, cybersex, and other fantasies are allowed and can be shared with others in the community without fear of judgment.

Getting Started: How To Begin Your Journey?

There is a straight forward process to becoming a member of the Swinger Heaven. It is often considered the best part of the website as a whole.

Necessary Info

A unique username, password, and a valid email address are all that’s required for you to register on the platform. This is the reason Swinging Heaven UK has a reputation of being one of the easiest dating sites to signup on.

However, you can’t sign up using a Google or Facebook account.This way, you can maintain privacy on the site, as well as anonymity.

How To Verify Your Swinger Heaven Profile?

The verification process starts the moment your email has been received. This can also be regarded as the waiting stage, but it is thankfully brief.

A verification link is sent to the active email provided. Upon opening the link, you will be asked to provide a picture, which bears your face clearly and has you holding a piece of paper with your username on it. Since it is just to verify you, there is no need to take too much time to strike a pose for it.

If you take too long to act upon the verification link sent to your email, you get notified through your account on the site.So you can continue with the platform by verifying your account.

How Long Does It Take?

After the picture has been sent, it only takes a few minutes to get verified entirely. However, in some cases, that might take a little longer, but luckily that doesn’t happen very often.

Creating Swinger Heaven Account

The site allows you to create different kinds of accounts. You can have a single account or a couples’ account. The single account can either be a male or a female one. On the other hand ,the swinging couple’s account is essentially two accounts with a shared inbox.

It doesn’t matter what you choose; you can set it up in no time. Then you can proceed with subsequent activities.

What Does Swinger Heaven Profile Look Like?

After the account has been verified, or while you wait for verification, you can proceed with checking out its profile structure.

Typically, the user is expected to provide information on sexual preferences and hobbies. These aren’t compulsory and can be set to public or private access. Profile pictures and album pictures can be curated as well.The user can upload their profile pictures and create albums for their other images. They can even set the level of access they want others to have on their photos: public or private. It is also easy for them to share access to private pictures; the user can share his/her private albums with or without the need for a request.

It is noteworthy that you can change the information you provide.This way, it makes the entire process a lot more flexible when compared to other similar dating sites.

How Does Swinging Heaven Search Engine Work?

Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

The search function of the site is available to all members, regardless of their subscription tier. This also means that there are filters for all types of accounts.

However, search results are protected by the membership type. The user can only view some profiles in the search results if he/she holds a premium member.

You can use the search function to send contact requests. If you don’t send any contact request, then interested members will send you the request.

Key Search Features

If you have the basic account, you can use the search function through all filter types without restriction. However, you cannot access all search results.As a primary account holder, you can only open basic accounts.

Also, you can send Quickies. Quickies are customized texts that can be sent to one or more people at the same time.

Advanced Search Features

A premium account affords you the Advanced Search Features. You can search using all the kinds of filters, and view all the profiles without restrictions.

The ability to send texts is available as well, and there are no restrictions on that, too.

How To Get The First Match?

The matching process comes before a contact request has been accepted. The contact request can be sent when both profiles match (based on the preferences given at the registration point).

Conversation Tools

Typically, both parties can chat and send messages on the platform before they agree to meet.

However, the chatting stage can be short for primary account owners. This is because they are only allowed three messages daily.The same goes for replies.

For premium users, there is an unlimited messaging feature, so they have more liberty to determine how the swingers chat going to be.

How To Start a Chat?

From taking a look at the Swinger Heaven chat interface, you can say that it has taken a lot of design cues from Facebook. This is because it has groups, message boards, and chat rooms, similar to what can be found on the popular social network.

Basic and premium users alike can use these features to interact with other members and view image contents as well.

However, some chat features are based on an invitation (in the case of a group) or subscription (in the case of viewing adult content). You can also share swinger stories about real-life swinging activities you’ve had or witnessed. The Swinging heaven stories could also be about dogging experiences.

Generally, the basic account holders get less of the extra features, like the ability to send unlimited messages anywhere on the site, create a group, partake in video chats and view unlimited photos and videos.Premium users get all of these and in better quality. They get access to higher quality photos and adult contents, as well as up to 7 webcams in the chatrooms.

Is Swinger Heaven a Safe Space?

Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

It is completely safe. Its data privacy policy and excellent moderating standards ensure that the average user feels considerably safe.

Data Privacy and Protection

The website has policies that are very firm on anti-abuse, and moderators are diligent in making sure that nasty incidences happen less often.

Also, data collected from you during the registration process are stringently used as stipulated in their privacy policy and don’t get stored elsewhere. If you choose to delete that data at some point, be assured that no one has a copy of it.

Is It Possible to Be Fooled by Scam Profiles?

Luckily, there aren’t. Going by the numerous real feedbacks from active users on the site, there is a low occurrence of accounts who are insistent, abusive, and outright scammy.

This is a significant advantage for the dating site, given how easy it is for anyone to register. With the option to leave the profile picture space blank, it is a pleasant surprise that there aren’t a lot of scum profiles.

In effect, this will give the website more credibility, and more potential userswill want to give it a try, seeing that it’s worth their time.

How Is the Swinging Heaven Website Moderated?

The users can self-moderate the interactions they have with other users – this is considered a key feature. When a contact has been established, the parties can give comments on how their chats and meetings went – it can be a compliment or otherwise.

If you come across a phony account or someone is trying to extort you or abuse your privacy, it is elementary to block that account from further communicating. You can also promptly report it to the appropriate quarters.

In the same way, if you’ve generally had a not so good chat experience with a particular user, you can block such user as well, and report the account. The account gets banned when the complaint gets too much, and when that happens, the owner can no longer log in to the account. If it is something more of a misunderstanding than outright misbehavior, the owner can appeal the decision. This is fast becoming a much-needed feature for dating sites generally, and it is worthy of note that Swinging Heaven already has it.

Customer Support

Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

In an event where you have complaints or inquiries, Swingers Heaven does have robust customer support, which is considerably responsive.

Swinging HeavenUsability

The overall design of Swinging Heaven provides an intuitive experience to both new and existing users. It has its elements in areas that are easy to reach and well labeled with optimum readability in mind.

The site offers some features which are coined words that might not be quickly understood by newer users.Thankfully, there is a brief description of those kinds of labels. Features like Quickies and Digging are simplistically explained on the website.

Overall, the usability of Swinging Heaven is on par with what is obtainable from other standard dating sites, giving swingers UK a calm and welcoming community to socialize safely. New users won’t have difficulties in navigating around the site.

Is There a Swinger Heaven App Available?

For the moment, there are no app versions of the dating site. Users have to use Swinger Heaven directly from any browser they happen to use, either on a mobile device or desktop.

Membership Options

The membership options of Swinger Heaven are 3, with 2 of them being paid. There is the Basic membership, Premium membership, and the Premium+Extras membership.

What Do You Get With Swinging Heaven Free Version?

Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

The free version of the site is its Basic membership option. While the features the user gets are limited, they are still considered much in comparison with other swinging sites.

  • The user gets to view profile pictures. However, they cannot see profile pictures of premium accounts.
  • They can create their profile.
  • They can send messages or replies, but it is limited to just three days.
  • The user can see the number of his profile views.
  • Some photos in the community chatroom can be used at the Basic membership level.
  • The user can freely join chatrooms and forums.
  • Activities can be hidden from other specified users.
  • Quickies – which are necessarily pre-written texts – can be sent around to groups based on selected filters.

Is Premium Account So Much Better?

The premium membership opens up most of everything Swingingheaven has to offer. The premium+extras unlocks more, extras, and all.

For starters, there are no restrictions on the number of messaging and replies that can be shared per day for premium users. Then, they have access to unlimited photos and videos.This also includes adult contents, and the general quality of these contents are markedly higher.

If the account is a couples’ account, premium membership gives them access to multiple chats. Settings on the account’s activity feed can be changed on a whim as well.

You get to view who has viewed your profile list, thanks to a premium membership. You also get full access to chatrooms and several webcams.

Ideally, the premium membership is the recommended way to experience Swinger Heaven. The site even has a 7-day free trial to get you acclimatized with the features. This way, you know what you’ll be getting and enjoying when you eventually pay for the membership.

The unlimited messaging feature can be useful, as it is a crucial part of social interactions. The basic membership is just too restricted, which makes premium membership more ideal.

Swinging Heaven Pricing: Plans and Prices

Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

The pricing for Swinging Heaven includes the Premium membership, which costs £16.95 a month or £56.95 a year. The Premium and Extras membership goes for £19.95 per month or £74.95 per year. When considered with respect to other similar swingers sites, we think it is safe to say that the price structure is average.

Canceling Swinging Heaven Subscription and Deleting YourProfile

You can leave your account conveniently, should in case you’re no longer interested in using the site any longer. You can either delete your account outrightly or leave it dormant till it is declared inactive and subsequently deactivated. Both have the same result; you get to remove all the data on the account, and the account itself.

Bear in mind that Swingers Heaven refund policy isn’t very consistent, so canceling your subscription and deleting your account might not include you getting a refund.


Swinging Heaven Review – What You Need to Know?

Swinging Heaven is a dating site that can be recommended to people who consider themselves Swingers and would like to meet with other swingers. It is essentially a community where sexually active people can interact with omen another without the fear of judgment or harassment. The site gives off a genuine sense of safety for people who are sexually adventurous but would like to be discrete about it in public; they get to meet others like them, interact and share their ideas, preferences, and fantasies.

Since they started operations, Swinging Heaven has tried to maintain an enabling and conducive environment for swingers. This has been evident in how well they have stemmed from abuse and other predatory behaviors. Rules against any form of violence have been made to be stringently followed, and the moderators are present everywhere from forums to chatrooms; the results have been evident in the reduced number of phony accounts the site has.

With its feature set, users get to meet other swingers in real life, one especially nifty tool to keep up the “where” and “when” of meetups and swinger parties is the Bulletin Board. Users get to update the board with information on the swinger clubs where meetups would be held, but the site does ensure that it vets the kind of information that is published on there.

Another thing about the swingers site is its appeal to other people that are not swingers themselves. It is a well-organized community of swingers. It is every bit as usual and regular as other online communities, and people who just want t have fun would appreciate that.

Bear in mind, however, that interactions on Swinging Heaven are casual and do not have intimate ends. Most of the users are there to share their sexual fantasies and probably have sexual relations with other users without emotional strings attached.

Currently, the site doesn’t have an app, and the number of active female profiles are low; these are the two weak points, but if you aren’t bothered by that, all the other things are quite fine for a dating site.

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