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TenderMeets Review: Its Main Characteristics at a Glance

TenderMeets Review: Its Main Characteristics at a Glance
About Site
Active Audience 55%
Quality Matches 79%
Popular Age 25-30
Profiles 450 000
Reply Rate 85%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • All users are over 18;
  • There are more than 1,6 million people from the USA;
  • The Age distribution of the audience is even and diverse;
  • You can register for free;
  • Niches of the site are various;
  • The site’s design is sleek and modern.
  • There is no app available;
  • The number of females is almost twice as big as that of the males;
  • You cannot use Facebook to create a TenderMeets profile;
  • Subscription prices are higher than average;
  • You can run into many fake accounts;
  • Insufficient profile verification and against-scammers protection;
  • Most cool features are for paid users only.

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What is the Tender dating site? This resource is a global online meeting platform that covers several niches at once: it is suitable for interracial dating, provides an LGBT-friendly environment, and facilities to help people look for both serious relationships and hookups. TenderMeets reviews say there are a lot of fake accounts and scammers on the site. Read on the expert’s opinion below to find out whether that is true.

What Kind of People Join This Site?

TenderMeets Review

This dating resource has no specific focus. Users join it with one goal: to meet like-minded people and love. No matter what type of dating you are looking for, it will have something for you. From serious dating leading to marriage to gay or lesbian meetings — all on one site. What can be better? Here are more details about the gender, ethnicity, orientation, and location distribution of TenderMeets users.

Broad Audience Orientation: Is It Good or Bad?

The site is perfectly suitable for looking for a life partner. You can expect to meet someone who is genuinely ready for marriage here. Of course, that is not the main focus of this platform, and they do not shout about getting married from every corner. However, when you see each other on TenderMeets, communicate for some time, have a first live date, and fall in love, it is possible. After some time, two people can set a family, and the place where they met doesn’t matter so much. TenderMeets can serve the start of such a love journey.

Where Do Its Users Come From Geographically?

There are more than 1,6 million US residents among users. When the average member growth per month is 260 thousand, apart from the Americans, you will meet many French and Spanish people. This dating site, according to various TenderMeets reviews, is popular in Latin America and Western Europe.

The Ethnicity Statistics Are There Many People of Color?

TenderMeets Ethnicity Statistics

The national distribution of the users is not clear. You can use TenderMeets for seeking interracial dating and connections with black people or representatives of any ethnicity. There is no specification in one nationality for this site’s audience.

The Average Age of Users in Percent

  • 18-24 — 20%;
  • 25-34 — 30%;
  • 35-44 — 22%;
  • 45-54 — 15%;
  • 55+ — 13%.

Gender Structure: Which One Is Prevailing?

There are more females on the site. You should know that their ratio in comparison to males is 2 to 1. Such a distribution is a big benefit for lesbian dating. This dating platform is queer-friendly, which means women who seek women have significant chances to meet their perfect, loved ones.

People of What Sexual Orientation Are Here?

The community welcomes people of all orientations and sexual preferences. The first paragraphs you have to fill in during the registration concerns your sexual identification — you can choose between both genders of the potential partners. Such a variety doesn’t cover a full range of queer dating, of course, but even today, not all dating sites have an opportunity to browse people of your gender. TenderMeets provides a desirable community for gay dating.

Where to Start: Creating the TenderMeets Account

TenderMeets Account

The matching and communication algorithms of the platform are straightforward. Users are free to choose dating methods they prefer. The minimum rules and the maximum freedom — this could be the slogan of TenderMeets.com. You can call this web resource a social network because after setting the account, people can browse the feed, adjust the search criteria, follow other users’ activity, and reach out to them for free. Unlimited creativity of choice is the main feature of using this dating site.

Basic Details You Will State During the Registration

Are you interested in how to start using the site? First, you have to sign in by creating an account or enter into the existing one if you are already a member. For those who will use the site for the first time, these people have to provide the following information in the registration form:

  • Their gender;
  • The gender of people they want to meet;
  • Age (all users have to be over eighteen);
  • Email address;
  • Password (come up with one to let you in the profile);
  • Location (enter the city, country, and zip code).

Activate your account and upload a photo from the device or take the one with a webcam. You can skip this step, but profiles with photos inspire more confidence. The next window that opens before you is the TenderMeets profile description. The whole process is easy and takes up to 20 minutes, including verification. Unfortunately, there is no Facebook-linking opportunity to set an account. Because there is no Tender hookup app, users can only sign up using the site.

You do not have to write a user name. You get a user-id sent in a letter. The screen name that other users see is generated automatically using your email, and you cannot change it. TenderMeets cares about its users’ safety and security and can even delete a photo if it reveals your real identity.

Is There Any Profile Verification for the New Users?

TenderMeets New Users

The verification takes from 5 to 19 minutes. To pass it, you should enter the activation code they sent to your email. In case you entered the wrong email, you can add a new address on this step. Check for the letter with an activation code or a link in the “Advertising” folder, or it can sometimes appear in “Spam”. Only after you enter it, you get to browse the Tender singles. You also get the user-id and some instructions in the letter. For example, the provider says that verification enables you to get updates on new profiles and matches in your location.

The Longevity of the Approval Process

There is no profile approval on this dating platform. You can use the service as soon as you activate the account and upload a photo. However, the moderators check all the pictures of the user’s post and may reject some of them. The main reasons the TenderMeets team can delete your image are:

  • It contains child porn;
  • You reveal your location or real name on it;
  • This image is a stock photo;
  • You used an image of a celebrity;
  • There are no people on the photo;
  • It contains scenes of violence or drugs;
  • You show an offensive gesture or spread negativity;
  • Your gender on a photo is different to the one you stated during the registration.

The initial check of the photo is automatic, and you can proceed to use the site. But if moderators later review your photo and choose it as “inappropriate”, they will delete it and can block you for the repetitive violation of terms of use.

The Quality of TenderMeets Accounts

TenderMeets Quality of TenderMeets Accounts

Many user reviews contain negative feedback about the number of scammers you can run into at this dating site. However, there are still many quality accounts of real users that contain a detailed description of the person and photos. Users can provide the information about their appearance (height, weight, eye and hair color, body type, and complexion) and add a brief status that others will see under their screen name.

Because there is a multi-step verification during the registration, it is unlikely that bots or fakes can approach the service. Most probably, people deal with scammers who pretend to be other people not to reveal their intentions. As often, on dating sites, there will always be people who lie to achieve malicious goals. You should stay on alert to avoid them. Luckily, with TenderMeets, it is easy to tell who is who immediately.

When you open the account of a user, pay attention to the information they provide, and decide whether you trust them. Do not chat with strangers because the quality of accounts on Tender Meets allows you to assess the response rate and behavior of a person in private communication adequately. The profiles are detailed, and the service gives you maximum opportunities to get to know the person, although some are available for a fee.

What Information Do the Profiles Contain?

It is easy to create the account answering the questions. You only have to fill in a few paragraphs and upload a photo that meets the requirements. During setting up the TenderMeets account, you provide the only necessary information, but to raise your popularity, add more details. The window that opens before you just after the email confirmation invites you to specify the next:

  • Come up with a status (up to 140 signs);
  • Marital status (single, divorced, separated, rather not say, in a relationship, married);
  • Ethnicity;
  • Hair color;
  • Body type.

Add this data to receive more accurate matches and attract the attention of the audience.

TenderMeets Search Facilities and Personalized Criteria

TenderMeets Personalized Criteria

The search on the site is half automatic half adjustable. The main page you access after the registration allows you to find a partner immediately. Browse through those in your location, users online, or all people who suit your criteria by switching between the section of the search page. Then, try adding more criteria, and you will get people of a specific age, body type, or orientation. Read more about this below.

Basic Search Features You Get as a Free Use

The information you state during the registration implies age, location, and orientation. These make the basic set of features any user gives. The TenderMeets matching system applies them for all. If you want to change the search settings, you can adjust the age range, choose to see only men or women, and in what location. The rest filters are specific, and you should change them in the pop-up window on clicking the filters button.

What Are the Advanced Search Criteria?

To narrow down the results of potential partners, you can:

  • Choose to see only people with a photo or a video;
  • State the orientation of people you want to meet (straight, gay, or bisexual);
  • What will their ethnicity be?
  • Their marital status;
  • Body type;
  • Hair, and eye color or the TenderMeets users you prefer;
  • Presence of tattoos or piercings.

How Can Users Find Matches on the Site?

TenderMeets Find Matches on the Site

The most common way to get in touch with a person you liked on a dating site is to text them. The number of online chat rooms you can enter as a free TenderMeets user is limited. Unfortunately, to reply to a message, you also need to be a premium user. You can always like a person to add them to favorites. But what other contacting features are there available on the site?

How Do You Reach Out to a User?

You can choose to see people who are in your location. When you get a like, message, or a match — the system sends you a notification. It means you can immediately notice a pretty single in your region and meet them in real life. To start an online conversation is easier but not available to all. Only paying users to get to text others.

Any TenderMeets user can send messages to up to people. There is no such thing as a stranger chat. No one will randomly connect you to a person, even if you get a match. It is up to one of you to start a conversation. The amount of free messages you get allows you to taste the communication, but then your opportunities are miserably small. As a free user, you will not be able to contact anyone anymore or respond to messages.

If you are a premium user, you can see who has liked you on an exclusive list and choose to contact anyone from this section. Because there is no Tender date app available, you can only communicate on the site.

The Interface and Inside Features of the Chat

Can you contact someone via a video call on this dating site? No, you can only communicate with people sending messages. The conversation opens in a pop-up window on the right bottom corner over the main TenderMeets web page. You can continue browsing the feed while talking to a person.

You get a few tips inside the chat to help you break the ice and the reminder about how many free chats you have left. You see the name, photo, location, and online status of the user. Besides, under the name of the person you reach out to, you have the moderator icon available twenty-four/seven. You can tap on the moderator’s dialogue to ask for help immediately in the chat.

Is Safety of Utmost Priority for TenderMeets?

TenderMeets Priority for TenderMeets

You can notice that the site takes the security of its members seriously immediately form the registration. You do not have to provide your real name, what is more, if you upload a photo revealing personal details, they will remove it. The whole concept of TenderMeets is to provide a safe and anonymous environment. You can see the photos and locations of people, but the users only provide the information they want.

Technical Side of the Data Protection

When you register on the site, the signup web page is secured by the encoded connection. TenderMeets collects cookies to enhance the effectiveness of matching and give users the best experience on the site. You can read more about what type of information they use in the special section of the platform. Every person agrees to the policy of the web resource when setting an account. It is up to users to educate them about this information because it is in open access in the description section.

Are Scams Common on This Dating Platform?

Many TenderMeets reviews contain comments about people receiving pre-generated messages to attract their attention and make them use free chat opportunities. When people responded to the fakes, the activity dropped, and they did not receive new messages. What is it? A planned tactic or a sheer coincidence?

It seems that there might be some scams on the site, and you should think twice before using your free messages. If you notice that a real person you have been talking to starts acting weird, you can always block them.

How Does This Dating Platform Fights Against Fakes?

TenderMeets most probably generate fake messages themselves. You should not believe every conversation invitation you will receive.

The Support Team: How to Reach Out to It?

The support team seems to cope with its work excellently. No matter what section of the site you open, you will see windows offering help everywhere. The main feature of the TenderMeets chat is that you can reach out to the moderator inside the conversation to report a user or ask for technical issues.

If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can see the “Safe Dating” button that redirects you to a blog containing tips on how to say safe and sound during flirting on the Internet.

Does the Site Look Cool and Operate Easily?

TenderMeets Look Cool and Operate Easily

The site’s design is modern and appealing. The primary colors are blue and pint that correspond to the male and female entities. In terms of the interface, you will have no issues left concerning where to find a necessary button and open the needed section.

In case a user has any questions, they can contact the support. This situation is hardly possible because TenderMeets operates well, its transitions are smooth, and there is no obtrusive advertising. Get an explanation of the chat features and message types in the conversation. Just click on the three dots near the user’s name and choose the question mark icon. To get help in more specific issues, you can tap your profile photo on the top right corner and click on the “Get Support” option from the drop-down menu.

Does TenderMeets Have an App?

All people interested in trying out its services should stick to the mobile or full version of the site. There is no TenderMeets app available for any mobile platform. It is a big question, of course, if you think about the concept of this dating site. There is nothing odd about it that would cause controversies from the app providers, but the app is still not there.

What About the Membership Options and Prices?

TenderMeets Prices

This dating site works on a freemium basis — you register for free and enjoy a restricted set of free functions. But to receive the best features, you have to pay.

TenderMeets Free Access to the Site

All free users can do the next:

  • Register;
  • Search people;
  • Upload photos and videos;
  • Switch on the safe mode;
  • See who liked them.

Features You Receive as a Premium Member

Special features include:

  • Sending unlimited messages;
  • Viewing pictures in full-size;
  • More search features;
  • Sharing photos in the chat;
  • Seeing more profile details of other users.

TenderMeets Plan Costs and Services Prices

TenderMeets offers you a 40% discount during the first 15 minutes after the profile creation. You see the timer in an irritating pop-up window, which pushes you to pay for a subscription. After the time passes, it promises to provide you with 30% off for a specific time and so on.

There one type of the subscription available:

  • One month for $ 35;
  • Three months for $ 60;
  • Six months for $ 96.

How to Cancel the TenderMeets Subscription and Delete an Account?

Open the “My Profile” section on tapping your user image, then choose “My Settings” -> “Remove Account.” The process is complicated and consists of four steps: entering the password, choosing the reason for deletion, unsubscribing from the mails, confirming the choice, and finally removing it. The billing of payments stops, and you do not get a refund after the account deletion.

To cancel the TenderMeets subscription, go to the “My Profile,” open “Billing,” and stop the subscription automatic renewal.

Final Conclusion About the Site’s Legitimacy and Effectiveness

This dating site is a quality dating platform in general, and you will get to know someone suitable here. There are real success stories of people who got married after meeting on the site. But you should be careful and attentive to scams because the methods TenderMeets uses are quite disappointing.

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